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Ground: Goodison Park

Visits: 1

Date: 29th December 2007

Match: Everton - Arsenal  1-4  (Premier League)

Attendance: 39 443


After an eventful morning, I managed to smash a glass door at a an internet cafe in Manchester but although my arm was covered in glass I was not physically hurt (but a bit shocked), I set off for Liverpool and after some train changes I arrived at Kirkdale. After a 15 minute walk I was at Goodison, I had to be there early to pick up my ticket. It was a very windy day at Merseyside and when there were some horisontal rain showers the conditions weren´t the best..

Goodison Park has some restricted views and I couldn´t see the goal at the Gwladys End because of a pillar but it didn´t matter too much as all the goals were scored at the other end. Arsenal were a bit lucky to win, or as someone in the stand said "How can they score four goals when they only had three chances?". I liked Goodison Park and can fully understand why some Evertonians don´t want to move but with all the restricted views I can also understand those who want that new stadium in Kirkby.


everton fc

Goodison Park


everton fc2

A windy day in Liverpool!


bakom park lane end

Rear of the Park Lane End


dixie dean

Statue of Dixie Dean


utanför goodison



gwladys end

Gwladys End


bullens stand

Bullens Stand


park lane end

Park Lane End


gwladys end2

Gwladys End


bullens stand2

Bullens Stand


park lane end2

Park Lane End


arsenal fans

Arsenal fans


panorama, goodison park1



panorama, goodison park2