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Gärds Köpinge

Ground: Gärds Köpinge IP

Visits: 1

Date: 14th May 2022

Match: Gärds Köpinge - Degeberga  3-2  (Division 6 Skåne Nordöstra B)

Attendance: 75

At first I was not planning on going to football on Saturday afternoon but when I was given the opportunity I decided to stay local. Gärds Köpinge is 15-20 minutes drive from where I live and Gärds Köpinge IP is one of my four remaining grounds in Kristianstads kommun. In my youth I was at the ground a few times but it has not been included in my official statistics. Today´s visitor was Degeberga, which of course is the same club where I play table tennis. I was inside the ground 15 minutes prior to kick-off and recognised a few familiar faces. The attendance was 70-75 and around half of those supported Degeberga.

In their last home game Gärds Köpinge had three(!) players sent off but they still managed to field a team today. As expected Degeberga started the better team and early on made it 0-1. It was 1-1 at half-time though but in the 2nd half Degeberga once again scored to make it 1-2. It was sunny but also windy at Gärds Köpinge IP this afternoon. I am not sure if those conditions somehow favoured the home team but against the run of play they equalised and in the last minute of normal time Gärds Köpinge scored again to win 3-2. To be honest it was very sloppy defending by Degeberga and some of the travelling supporters were furious with the defending. Anyway, Gärds Köpinge has now been officially visited by me and tomorrow I will make it a perfect weekend by going to Brösarp for Division 5 football!








East side


East side


View of play


South End


West side


Nice (but windy) weather!


View of play


View of play


North End