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Ground: Hillerød Stadion

Visits: 1

Date: 18th August 2018

Match: Hillerød - Brønshøj  0-1  (2. Division, pulje 2)

Attendance: 368

My long-term ambition for Denmark is to complete the top two divisions and the grounds in 2. Division (level 3) east of Store Bælt. At the moment there are two clubs, Vanløse and Hillerød, in 2. Division east of Store Bælt I still haven´t visited. Going through my options I looked at games where Brønshøj are the away team. Unlike most teams in 2. Division Brønshøj bring a decent number of fans to their away games and thus making it more interesting for neutrals like myself. Saturday 18 August Hillerød hosted Brønshøj at Hillerød Stadion and this was of course an opportunity I had to take advantage of. From where I live it takes around 2 hours to drive to Hillerød and at 12.45, 75 minutes prior to kick-off, I parked my car outside the ground. Having to cross the Öresund bridge mean you don´t know how much time you will need but most of the holiday makers had already left Sweden (or maybe they are still here) and it went quite smoothly with the toll. This summer has been the hottest on record in southern Sweden and I guess it is the same in Denmark. Today it was cloudy, windy and around 20 degrees though and it actually felt nice in the wind. Hillerød Stadion has an athletics ground as well as several football pitches and I thought the game would be played at the athletics ground. There is a pitch next to the athletics ground and it is at this pitch Hillerød play their games in 2. Division. There is a small seated stand in the west side of the ground but otherwise you stand at ground level.

Brønshøj have started the new season with two wins in as many games and were of course looking for another win in this game. Hillerød, who play only their second season at this level, have started with only one point but early on it was the home team who had the better chances and they really should have scored from one of their chances. 0-0 at half-time though. In the second half Brønshøj were on top and in the 57th minute they could score the opening goal of the afternoon, much to the delight of their travelling supporters. 15 minutes later the visitors had a player sent off, for lashing out after the whistle, and after that Hillerød took control and created several good chances. They hit the post but in the end they could not find the equalizing goal and it ended 0-1 at Hillerød Stadion. 2. Division are made up with 2x12 teams and after 22 games the top six teams in each group end up in a promotion group (and the bottom six teams in a relegation group) so still much work to do but with maximum points for Brønshøj so far their fans have reasons to be optimistic about the new season.


Welcome to Hillerød Stadion


A cloudy day


West side


West Stand


North End


East side


South End




Brønshøj fans arriving


Yellow smoke




Brønshøj fans


View of play


East side


East side


View of play


West side


West side


West Stand


West Stand


View of play


Goal for Brønshøj!