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Kungsbacka IF

Ground: Tingbergsvallen

Visits: 1

Date: 1st July 2022

Match: Kungsbacka IF - Kungsbacka City  0-1  (Division 4 Halland)

Attendance: 120

My main target this weekend was to visit Bislett Stadion in Oslo on Saturday afternoon. I was to be picked up by friends in Göteborg on Saturday morning and with Göteborg being around 3 h by car for me I looked at fixtures on Friday evening. I decided to visit Tingbergsvallen in Kungsbacka where Kungsbacka IF were hosting Kungsbacka City in Division 4 Halland. With both clubs playing at Tingbergsvallen I was hoping for a decent attendance. I had a few problems finding a spot for my car but 30 minutes or so prior to kick-off I was inside the ground. Tingbergsvallen has a grass pitch and a proper stand on the west side. There are running tracks though but for this level it is still a good ground.

Tobias Hysén played several season for Djurgården and IFK Göteborg in Allsvenskan and won a few titles with both clubs. He also made 34 appearances for Sweden. In 2019 he signed for Kungsbacka City, then in division 6, and with his help the club has not reached Division 4. This was a Kungsbacka derby but also 2nd v 3rd in the table. As the game was about to start I noticed Glenn Hysén was at the game as well! Anyway, Tobias was quite overweight but still had the touch once making him play for Sweden. In the 1st half Kungsbacka City made it 1-0 and despite both teams having chances to score the game ended 1-0 to Kungsbacka City. After the final whistle I set off for my hotel where I would stay for two nights.




East Stand


Players and officials entering




North End


View of play


West side


West side


West side


View of Tingbergsvallen


South End


East Stand


East Stand


East Stand