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Ground: Björkvallen

Visits: 1

Date: 22nd April 2022

Match: Önneköp - Vittskövle  1-1  (Division 6 Skåne Nordöstra B)

Attendance: 75

In the lower leagues there are plenty of matches on Friday evening and going through my options I decided to visit Björkvallen in Önneköp. Önneköp is a village with a population of around 200. It is situated on Linderödsåsen (a ridge) and from Kristianstad it is 45 minutes by car, mostly on small countryside roads, to Önneköp. Önneköp is where Arnold the Adventurer lives and he has actually created a cannibal museum with items he has collected during his travels around the globe. As I entered Björkvallen it was of course Arnold himself who was standing at the entrance. The local football team plays in Division 6 (level 8) Skåne Nordöstra B and tonight’s guests were Vittskövle. Both teams played in division 5 two years ago and are probably aiming for promotion. As I left home it was quite warm but in Önneköp there was quite a strong wind and it was pretty chilly. Thankfully I had brought my winter coat! Björkvallen is a nice ground with plenty of wooden benches to sit on and tonight the attendance as around 75, 20 of those from Vittskövle.

The first half was quite even but Vittskövle scored the only goal, 0-1 at half-time. In the second half Önneköp was by far the better tea and they could deservedly equalize. If there was to be a winner in this game it was Önneköp but they couldn´t find that winning goal and it ended 1-1. In this league I now have 9/12 grounds and I will be surprised if I have not visited the remaining three before the end of the season.




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