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Östra-Torp Smygehuk FF

Ground: Smygehamns IP

Visitis: 1

Date: 27th June 2021

Match: Östra-Torp Smygehuk FF - Anderslöv  1-5  (Division 6 Skåne Södra)

Attendance: 85

Last year I listed the most northern, southern, western and eastern grounds in Sweden as well as the lowest and highest (above/below sea level). The southernmost ground is Smygehamns IP and as Östra-Torp Smygehuk FF hosted Anderslöv in Division 6 Skåne Södra I thought this was a good opportunity to tick off one of the grounds on my list. The only previous tick on my list is Nya Vallbjörka in Kristianstad which is the lowest ground in Sweden. The home of Nosaby IF is 1.25 m below sea level. It takes me around 1h 45 minutes to drive to Smygehamn but I took a slight detour and visited my grandparent’s grave in Södra Åby before setting off for Smygehamn. Södra Åby is only 10 km north of Smygehuk and is the village where my late mother grew up. Smygehuk is the southernmost point in Sweden and in the summer months there are plenty of visitors in the nearby shops and cafés. I took a few pictures and then had a nice panini at a place claiming to be Sweden´s southernmost café. Smygehamns IP was then only a kilometer away and 30 minutes prior to kick-off I entered the ground.

Andreas Isaksson made 133 appearances for the Swedish national team. His first club was Östra Torp GIF and from there he moved on to Trelleborgs FF. In 2010 Östra Torp GIF changed its name to Östra-Torp Smygehuk FF and the club has been playing in Division 5 or 6 since then. It was a warm day in southern Sweden but being close to the Baltic Sea there was a fresh breeze at Smygehamns IP during the game. Anderslöv were relegated from Division 5 last season and are one of the favourites for the only promotion spot. It was 0-0 at half-time and early on in the second half ÖT Smygehuk scored to make it 1-0 but after a red card for the home team it was all Anderslöv. After 90 minutes it was 3-1 to the visitors but two goals in stoppage time meant the scoreboard said 1-5. Anderslöv were definitely the better team but 5-1 really flattered them. Later on in the summer a plan a trip to the north to tick of another ground on the list I mentioned above. Tomorrow I am off to Denmark for some EURO 2020 action though!


Smygehuk, Sweden´s southernmost point


A nice day






Entrance to Smygehamns IP


Östra-Torp Smygehuk FF




View of Smygehamns IP


South side


South side


South side


View of play


West End


View of play


North side


North side


View of play


East End


Injured player (his head collided with the chair)