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Stockholm Internazionale

Ground: Kristinebergs Idrottsplats

Visits: 1

Date: 18th June 2022

Match: Stockholm Internazionale - Karlstad Fotboll  1-1  (Ettan Norra)

Attendance: 222

When I booked this trip the plan for Saturday was to visit a match in division 3 and then a match in division 2. As I checked a few weeks ago I noticed Stockholm Internazionale v Karlstad in Division 1 Norra was scheduled at Kristinebergs IP. Kristinebergs IP is a magnificent ground I still haven't visited but it has been announced it will be closed for renovation during 2022 and 2023. So far this season Stockholm

Internazionale has played at Stockholm Stadion, the old Olympic Stadium from 1912. Could the news about Kristineberg really be true? I contacted the club and they confirmed their two home games in June would indeed be played at Kristinebergs IP. The renovation won't start until July and Stockholm Stadion was unavailable meaning a massive bonus for me. Kristinebergs IP was inaugurated 1933 and several clubs have played at the ground over the years. In 2021 Djurgårdens IF women's team played their home games in Allsvenskan at Kristinebergs IP and one of the reasons for the renovation is to make sure they can continue to do so. As I understand it Stockholm Internazionale will also return to Kristinebergs once the renovation has been completed.

My first match of the day finished around 14.15 and 45 minutes later I was outside Kristinebergs IP. It had been cloudy and quite cold (for June) but as I entered the ground the sun appeared and it was suddenly much nicer weather. I took plenty of pictures of the lovely main stand and as I was waiting for kick-off a well-known football personality showed up. Sven-Göran Eriksson needs no introduction and he was at the match as he is involved with Karlstad Fotboll. He was at the match in company with Tord Grip and officials from Stockholm Internazionale. The actual match at Kristinebergs IP was ok and ended 1-1. Stockholm Internazionale are only a few points above the relegation zone and I really hope they can stay up.

Having been to the ground I can fully understand why it is to be renovated. The running tracks are old and worn down and the interior of the main stand is definitely in need of a facelift. Anyway, a great day out for me and tomorrow it will be even better as I will meet up with two friends of mine.




Rear of the South Stand




South Stand


South Stand


South Stand


Interior of the South Stand


Tord Grip and Sven-Göran Eriksson


Sven-Göran Eriksson




View of Kristinebergs IP


West End


View of play


North side


East End


South Stand