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Ground: Edgeley Park

Visits: 1

Date: 21st March 2008

Match: Stockport - Macclesfield  2-0  (CC League 2)

Attendance: 7 824


My first match in 2008 was to be the Cheshire derby between Stockport County and Macclesfield Town. Stockport play at Edgeley Park which is an old-style English ground and I sincerely hope Stockport can buy back their ground and keep it for as long as possible. The hardcore Stockport fans filled the impressive Cheadle End and created a good atmosphere throughout the match. Macclesfield probably had their biggest away following of the season but it was clear from the beginning this match only could have one winner. Stockport who has been rocketing up the table lateley won by two goals and I wouldn´t be surprised if they go up. Before and after the match I had a long discussion with my elderly neighbour in the stand and as I fully enjoyed my trip to Edgeley Park I promised him to come back in the near future. A promise I will most likely fulfill!


edgeley park

Edgeley Park


bakom main stand

Rear of the Main Stand


bakom cheadle end

Rear of the Cheadle End


railway end

Railway End


popular side

Popular Side


cheadle end

Cheadle End



Away fans





popular side2

Popular side



View of play


cheadle end2

A packed Cheadle End