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Vanneberga IF

Ground: Blekevallen

Visits: 1

Date: 17th June 2021

Match: Vanneberga IF - Glimåkra  1-1 (Division 4 Skåne Östra)

Attendance: 100

In 1968 Blekevallen, the home of Vanneberga IF, became famous when a local farmer decided to plough up the pitch. I have seen a documentary about what happened but I don´t remember the background to this bizarre event. Nowadays Vanneberga refer to Blekevallen as the nicest “idrottsplats” in Skåne and with the ground being only 20 minutes by car for me it was about time for me to pay a visit. Vanneberga are nowadays playing in Division 4 Skåne Östra and on Thursday evening they were hosting Glimåkra in (kind of) a derby. As I walked through the gates to the ground I quickly noted this was indeed a very nice ground for this level. The east side of the ground is a grass slope with plenty of benches to sit on. During evening games this part of Blekevallen is of course facing the sun. The west side was in the shadow and there was a notable difference in temperature depending on which side you were in. In the end most of the around 100 spectators this evening ended up in the warm east side of Blekevallen.

Vanneberga lost their opening game 3-4 and had their second game postponed due to Corona meaning they need to win tonight. In the first half Vanneberga dominated and they really should have scored a few goals. In the second half it was Glimåkra who had most of the chances though and with 10 minutes to go the visitors took the lead from the penalty spot. Vanneberga then threw the kitchen sink at Glimåkra and in stoppage time they headed a corner into the back of the net. 1-1 at full-time and although Glimåkra must be disappointed with conceding a late equalizer a point each was a fair result.






Players entering the field




East side


East side


View of play


View of Blekevallen


Manager at work


South End


View of play


West side


West side


North End