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Vellinge IF

Ground: Vellinge Idrottsplats (Östranplan)

Visits: 1

Date: 6th June 2021

Match: Vellinge IF - Malmö City  5-2  (Division 3 Södra Götaland)

Attendance: 100 (+30 outside the fence)

It was 25 degrees in Sweden today making this a very nice National Day. Having to work on Saturday I was looking forward to visit football once again on Sunday afternoon. Vellinge were promoted to Division 3 in 2019 but due to the ongoing pandemic, attendances were limited to 50 in 2020, didn´t this Vellinge IP last season. Division 3 Södra Götaland is the most southern of the 12 level 5-leagues in Sweden and a league I want to have complete. Apart from Vellinge I also have Ariana, Besa and Åkarp to visit to achieve my goal of a complete league. Vellinge is situated just south from Malmö and with the new stretch of the motorway being opened it only took me just over an hour to drive to Vellinge IP. With attendances limited to 100 I was outside the ground with an hour to spare but upon entering Vellinge IP I was a bit confused. I thought the game would be played at the pitch with runnings tracks but that was not the case. For most of the season Vellinge will play at Östranplan, which is a ground with an artificial pitch 150 metres or so from the athletics ground. Shortly after I had arrived Malmö City showed up as well. Teams are not allowed to use dressing rooms and have to travel to games in cars. The players changed to their match kit before entering Östranplan. After a while the referees arrived and one of the assistant referees was a former pupil of mine. He is apparently now qualified to be the main referee in Division 4 and assistant in Division 2.

Last year Vellinge just about missed out on promotion and going by today´s performance they will be one of the favorites for top spot in November when the league ends. It was 2-2 at half-time but in the second half it was all Vellinge and in the end it was 5-2 on the score-board. The football season has finally started and Vellinge are looking like a very good side. The 100 who were allowed inside as well as the 30 or so standing outside of the fence could go back home with a smile on their face.


Welcome to Vellinge IP




Malmö City changing room


Referees entering the field




West End


West End


View of play


Vocal home fans


North side


A warm day!


Hans Mattisson, Vellinge manager


East End


South side


South side


South side


View of play