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Ground: Gladsaxe Stadion

Visits: 1

Date: 24th August 2014

Match: AB - AGF  1-5  (1. Division)

Attendance: 1 578


Akademisk Boldklub (AB) was founded in 1889 by a group of academics and the only requirement to play for the club at that time was to be a university student. The most famous player who ever played for AB must be Niels Bohr. Niels Bohr received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922 and is regarded as one of the "giants" in the modern history of Physics. Harald Bohr, the brother of Niels, played for Denmark in the 1908 Olympics and even though there have been better footballers playing for AB the Bohr brothers mean AB have a history that is a bit different to most football clubs. AB have won a total of nine Danish league titles, the latest in 1967. Nowadays AB play in 1. Divisionen, the second tier in Denmark, and the club are based in Gladsaxe in northwestern Copenhagen. In the top two divisions in Denmark Gladsaxe Stadion was the only "easy" ground I had left to visit. Looking through the fixture list I decided to drive to Denmark for the first time this year when AB hosted Aarhus GymnastikForening (AGF) on 24 August.


From where I live it takes around two hours to drive to Gladsaxe Stadion. As I left home the weather was nice but near Malmö the clouds were really dark and once on the Öresund bridge it started to rain. I was outside Gladsaxe Stadion around 2pm and by then the rain had cleared. AGF is probably the club with the biggest away following in this league and in total around 250 away fans were at this match. Gladsaxe Stadion is quite a big ground with a capacity of 13 500. 8 000 seats are (more or less) covered making this ground worthy of hosting Superligaen football. The visiting fans from Aarhus were placed in the open South Stand but after a few minutes it started to rain heavily and the fans were moved to the covered West Stand. During this move two goals were scored, 1-0 to AB in the second minute and then 1-1 a few minutes later. AB vs AGF turned out to be a very entertaining match. At half-time AGF were 3-1 up and in the second half they scored two more goals to win 5-1. AB had their chances as well and 3-8 would probably have reflected the match better. Six goals were more than enough to keep me happy though!


akademisk boldklub

Akademisk Boldklub


gladsaxe stadion, rear of the west stand

Gladsaxe Stadion, rear of the West Stand


north stand, rear

Rear of the North Stand


north stand, rear2

Rear of the North Stand


gladsaxe stadion, rear of the southeast corner

Gladsaxe Stadion, rear of the southeast corner


east stand, rear

Rear of the East Stand


hund i snor

If you know what snor means in Swedish you will understand why I took this picture!


agf, buss

AGF arriving


south stand

South Stand


west stand1

West Stand


north stand

North Stand


east stand2

East Stand



A windy day!


south stand2

South Stand



AGF fans



AGF fans



View of play



AGF fans behing moved to the covered stand



AGF fans





gladsaxe stadion, vy3

View of Gladsaxe Stadion


west stand2

West Stand



AB fans


gladsaxe stadion, vy2

View of Gladsaxe Stadion


camera man

Camera man


east stand

East Stand


pano, gladsaxe stadion3



pano, gladsaxe stadion6