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AB Tårnby

Ground: Tårnby Stadion

Visits: 1

Date: 26th September 2015

Match: AB Tårnby - Brønshøj  3-4  (2. Division, pulje 1)

Attendance: 275


A couple of years ago I spotted floodlights next to Tårnby train station and looked into what ground that could be. It turned out the ground was Tårnby Stadion which was the home of several Amager based clubs. Amager is an island east of central Copenhagen (and where the airport is located) in case you wonder. Coming from Sweden Tårnby is the stop after Copenhagen airport and travelwise Tårnby Stadion is the easiest ground outside of Sweden for me. Amager Boldklub Tårnby was founded in 2009 as a merger between Tårnby Boldklub and Amager Boldklub af 1970 (AB 70). The club won promotion from Danmarksserien at the end of last season and 2015/16 is the first ever season in 2. Division for AB Tårnby. This year the Danish third division (2. Division) is made up of three groups with 8 teams in each group. The top four clubs from each group then play in a promotion round. In group 1 the table is very tight and the game this afternoon was important for both teams. Kick-off was at 14.00 and shortly after noon I was at Tårnby Stadion. From the nearby station the walk only took me around four minutes. As I was taking a few pictures someone from AB Tårnby approached me and asked if I was from DBU (Danish Football Association). Maybe he was worried I was documenting something. He relaxed once I explained I was from Sweden though. Tårnby Stadion has running tracks and only small covered seated stand with around 250 seats. There are plenty of terracing though and in total capacity must be around 8 000.


The game at Tårnby Stadion was to be a very entertaining one. 2-0 to the visitors from Brønshøj at half-time. In the second half Brønshøj scored again to make it 0-3. It was then 2-3 before Brønshøj scored their fourth goal. Tårnby refused to give up though and in the 90th minute they made it 3-4 and that was to be the final score. Brønshøj are now up to third place in the table while Tårnby remain in 5th place. The attendance was given as 275 and at least half of those supported Brønshøj. They could return home in a good mood. My journey back home went really smoothly, the game finished at 15.50 and I made the 16.01 train to Kristianstad without any problems. 90 minutes later I was back home from my day trip to Denmark.


tårnby stadion

Tårnby Stadion


east stand

East Stand


east stand1

East Stand


east stand2

East Stand


south end

South End


west stand2

West Stand


west stand2a

West Stand


west stand3

West Stand


west stand4

A closer look....


north end

North End


north end1

North End


i love tårnby




Lottery prizes!





tårnby stadion, vy

View of Tårnby Stadion


east stand3

East Stand


east stand4

East Stand


east stand5

East Stand


east stand6

East Stand



View of play



View of play


west stand5

West Stand


west stand7

West Stand



Brønshøj fans celebrating 2-4



Queuing for Pølser



Fans enjoying the nice weather


pano, tårnby stadion2



pano, tårnby stadion5



pano, tårnby stadion8



pano, tårnby stadion7