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AFC Eskilstuna

Ground: Tunavallen

Visits: 2 (1 for an AFC Eskilstuna match)

Date: 4th May 2012

Match: Eskilstuna City - Västerås SK  1-3  (Division 1 Norra)

Attendance: 2 109

Date: 4th June 2017

Match: AFC Eskilstuna - AIK  1-3  (Allsvenskan)

Attendance: 7 147


In 2016 Athletic FC United (AFC United) were promoted to Allsvenskan. With very low attendances at their home games at Skytteholm in Solna the club decided to merge with Eskilstuna City and move to Tunavallen in Eskilstuna. The club also changed its name to AFC Eskilstuna while Eskisltuna City will continue as a youth club under the name AFC Eskilstuna City. Eskilstuna is quite a big city (pop. 105 000) but the best local football team (Eskilstuna City) play in Division 2, the fourth tier in Sweden, at the moment so there is potential for AFC to attract big crowds. Tunavallen in Eskilstuna is without a doubt an interesting ground to visit. The current "version" of Tunavallen was inaugurated in 2002 and the ground has a capacity of 7 800 of which 6 000 are covered seats. What makes the ground unique is the four towers of flats in each corner of the ground and these towers have 13 floors each.

Report (AFC Eskilstuna v AIK):

AFC Eskilstuna is quite a controversial football club. The club was founded as Athletic FC in 2007 and in 2010 the club merged with Väsby United, who then played in Division 1. In 2012 the club changed its name to Athletic FC United and they moved to Skytteholm in Solna the following year. Last year AFC United managed to win Superettan and the club was promoted to Allsvenskan. The “owner”, Alex Ryssholm, then decided to move the club again and from 2017 onwards the club is being called AFC Eskilstuna. In Sweden no-one can own more than 49% of a club and you have to be a membership club. Swedish media have found out it is very difficult to become a member at AFC Eskilstuna and a lot of other fans of other clubs have shown their anger during AFC :s games this season. With around 4 000 AIK fans expected at Tunavallen I knew there would be a lot of protests and you can see some of the banners in the pictures below. AIK were officially given the North Stand as well as around a third of the seated East Stand.

I had bought tickets for myself and Magnus in the section next to the seated away fans and there was a small fence separating the sections. In our section around 80% were supporting AIK and it was farcical to watch plenty of fans, who had used the away entrance, being allowed to walk around the fence. Either you have no segregation (at this game there was no need for it) or you have to enforce it properly. What is the point of having a fence separating sections if you are allowed to walk around it? Anyway, the atmosphere at Tunavallen was of course better than ever before and 7 147 was a new record attendance. Still not completely full though and when Djurgården and Hammeby visit later on this season there is a chance the attendance record will be beaten again. On the pitch AIK dominated in the first half but some sloppy defending meant it was 1-1 at half-time. The second half was poor and the many away fans weren´t pleased with their team’s performance. A draw would have been a fair result but two late goals for AIK meant a 3-1 victory and AFC Eskilstuna still have to wait for the first win in Allsvenskan.




Tunavallen, rear of the North Stand



 South Stand


 West Stand


west stand

A closer look at the West Stand


north end2

North Stand

east stand

East Stand



How many floors?




AFC Eskilstuna fans


View of play


West Stand


View of play


North Stand


AIK fans




AIK fans on both sides of the fence.....


Banner (Save club democracy - put an an to Ryssholm´s cheating)


Banner (Of course Ryssholm has the members behind him- he has turned his back.

Football without supporters is soulless)


Banner (Ryssholm´s project is the modern football personified.

Big dreams, fast cash, constant relocation, non-existent popular support)


Watching for free


After the game