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Ground: Energi Nord Arena (Aalborg Stadion)

Visits: 1

Date: 24th July 2011

Match: Aalborg - AGF  2-1  (Superligaen)

Attendance: 9 737


After watching Silkeborg vs Brøndby on Saturday afternoon I stayed the night in Aarhus. Since kick-off in Aalborg was at 16.00 I could sleep late, with breakfast served until 10.30 I was in no rush this Sunday morning. Aalborg is 120 km north of Aarhus and I arrived shortly before 14.00. Energi Nord Arena is tucked-in with the neigbouring houses and it must be quite difficult to expand the ground. It was street parking only but I managed to find a good place for a quick get away. Energi Nord Arena has a capacity of 13 800 (7 800 seats) and is a nice intimate stadium. My seat was in row 15 of the two-tiered West Stand. This stand is all-seated and by far the biggest stand in the stadium. The hard core home fans are in the terraced South Stand though. To my left was the North Stand. Half of this stand is given to visiting supporters and today´s visitors AGF (Aarhus Gymnastik Forening) had brought some very local fans for this match. Even though AGF lost the match the away fans gave their side a good vocal support through-out the 90 minutes. Full credit to them.


This was Aalborg´s first home match of the season and since one of their players died this summer there was a minute´s silence before the match. Before kick-off there was then another minute of silence to honour those who died in the terrorist attacks in Oslo. It was a bit strange to experience two silent minute´s but both were 100 % respected by both sets of fans. When the actual match started Aalborg had the best chances but couldn´t score in the first 45 minutes. In the second half they scored twice to take a deserved 2-0 lead. AGF then managed to pull a goal back and the atmosphere inside the ground was by now really good. Aalborg manged to hold on to their lead and could win by 2-1. This was a good and entertaining match, the vocal away supporters have already been mentioned but when you have vocal away fans the atmosphere at any football match is so much better. This must be a major factor when you consider what matches to attend. Aalborg is 540 km from where I live but the traffic on a Sunday evening is not as bad as on a Saturday afternoon and the drive back home went fairly easy. I arrived home by 23.30 and even if I was a bit tired I could look back on a nice weekend in Denmark.


energi nord arena

Energi Nord Arena


energi nord arena2

Rear of the West Stand



Pølser for everyone!


north stand

North Stand


east stand

East Stand


south stand

South Stand


west stand

West Stand


north stand3

North Stand



AGF fans



View of play


east stand2

East Stand


energi nord arena, vy

My view



Aalborg fans


south stand2

South Stand


pano, energi nord arena2



pano, energi nord arena4