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Åsums BK

Ground: Wendesvallen

Visits: 1

Date: 25th August 2020

Match: Åsums BK - Gärds Köpinge  1-0  (Division 6 Skåne Östra)

Attendance: 70

Once the local leagues (Division 4 to 6) started in early August it has been possible to watch football almost on a daily basis in the Kristianstad area. This midweek I decided for the derby in Division 6 Skåne Östra between Åsum and Gärds Köpinge. Being less than 10 km apart I knew there would be an even split of fans inside the ground. Åsums BK play at Wendesvallen in Norra Åsum and from where I live it takes just under 15 minutes by car. Kristianstad was built around the military and was for centuries the military headquarters of southern Sweden. In Norra Åsum the Wendes Artillery Regiment (A3) was situated from 1794 to 2000. Wendesvallen is next to the old regiment area (nowadays a school) and I have driven past it many times. Anyway, as I entered the ground I spoke to the turnstile operator and he asked me who I was supporting tonight. I told him I was a neutral but would keep a close eye on one of my current pupils who was playing for the visitors. He replied he used to be his music teacher a few years ago. Inside Wendesvallen I, as is always the case when I go to local games, I spotted quite a few familiar faces.

Åsums BK are aiming for promotion and at the moment they are in a play-off spot. In the first half they were clearly the better team and deservedly went 1-0 up in the 16th minute. Despite numerous other chances for Åsum it was still 1-0 at half-time. In the second half my pupil got a yellow card and a few minutes later he was given a final reprimand concerning his behavior. The manager then substituted him robbing me of the pleasure of seeing him being sent off. A Gärds Köpinge player then actually was sent off but it was actually the visitors who in the final 10 minutes of the game had the best chances. Åsum deserved to win 5-0 or so but their relaxed attitude towards the end could have cost them dearly. This derby had a decent attendance and I was not the only one who estimated more than the allowed 50 was inside Wendesvallen.




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