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Akropolis (Spånga IP)

Ground: Spånga Idrottsplats

Visits: 1

Date: 26th June 2017

Match: Akropolis - Sollentuna  5-2  (Division 1 Norra)

Attendance: 287

In 2012 I went to an Akropolis home game. Back then the club played at Akalla Gårds Bollplan but with that ground being very basic it was not allowed to host Division 1 football anymore. The last three years Akropolis have played at Spånga IP and when the Akropolis v Sollentuna game was moved to Monday evening I finally got the chance to tick-off Akropolis´ new home. Kick-off was at 19.00 and after sleeping late I decided to visit the Police museum and Skansen. This time of the year Stockholm is a very beautiful city to visit and going by bus along the waterfront it is not difficult to understand why so many foreign tourists visit Stockholm every summer. Skansen is kind of an aoutdoor museum and zoo. Apart from Akvariet (the Aquarium) it is Nordic animals only at Skansen. With the weather being cloudy with rain showers the animals were much more active than during my previous visits. The highlight was walking with the lemurs in the Aquarium though. After a few hours I went back to the city where I visited the Old town and the Royal castle. I was by now getting a bit tired and relaxed over a drink at a bar before eventually leaving for Spånga.

From Stockholm C the journey, by commuter train, to Spånga station only takes 13 minutes and the ground is then a 10-minute walk away. Akalla Gårds Bollplan is a basic ground but Spånga IP is not exactly a spectacular ground either. Running tracks and a small uncovered stand in the west side of the ground. As was the case yesterday the weather was changeable and during the rain showers, at times quite heavy, I had to take cover under the many trees. Akropolis and Sollentuna are both doing quite well in the league this year and being kind of a derby I was hoping for a decent crowd. Around 300, including my friend Håkan, was at Spånga IP this evening. After nine minutes Sollentuna were 2-0 up. At half-time it was 2-2 and Sollentuna down to ten men. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to have seven goals (2-5) at Enskede. Akropolis pressed on in the second half and as the final whistle went it was 5-2 on the score-board. Two games and 14 goals for me so far, not bad. Tomorrow morning I will fly to Finland and after the game at Spånga IP I went back to Stockholm C, where I said goodbye to Håkan, before going to Arlanda airport. Having an early flight tomorrow I had booked an airport hotel. Hopefully the Finnish part of this tour will have as entertaining games as the ones in recent days!



Spånga IP, entrance


Spånga IP


West Stand


West Stand


West Stand


North End


East side




South End




Players and officials entering the field




View of play


View of play


View of play


West Stand


West Stand


West Stand