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Ground: Älmevallen

Visits: 1

Date: 27th May 2012

Match: Älmhult - Nosaby  1-1  (Division 3 Sydöstra Götaland)

Attendance: 355


The city of Älmhult is probably most famous for being the home of IKEA, one of Sweden´s biggest brands. The local football team play in Division 3 (level 5) but with a nice ground I have been looking forward to visit Älmhult and Älmevallen for a while. The last Sunday of May 2012 was really nice and with no other matches for me to visit I decided to finally make the relatively short (70 km) trip northwards to Älmhult and the match between Älmhult and Nosaby. Both teams are in the top 3 so this was an important match. Nosaby are of course from Kristianstad and when I saw the line-ups I noticed four former pupils of mine playing for the visitors! With the weather being nice 355 spectators turned up for this match and for level 5 football in Sweden that is a very good attendance.


The match started with Älmhult dominating and they took an early lead. Nosaby got more and more possession though and after 30 minutes one of my former pupils (Jonatan C) managed to equalise and it was 1-1 at half-time. The second half was a battle with a few chances for both teams but somehow they all missed and it finished 1-1. In my opinion this was a fair result. Älmevallen was a really nice ground to visit and as you can see in the pictures below there were natural grass slopes around the pitch creating a good view for the spectators.


älmevallen, entre

Entrance to Älmevallen


east end

East End


south stand

South Stand


south stand2

A closer look at the South Stand


west end

West End


north side

North Stand



View of play





south stand3

South Stand


south stand5

South Stand


hot dogs and football

Hot dogs and football


älmevallen, vy

View of Älmevallen


älmevallen, vy2

Another view of Älmevallen


west end2

West End


west end4

West End


west end3

West End


north side2

North Stand



View of play


pano, älmevallen3