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Alvesta GoIF

Ground: Virdavallen

Visits: 1

Date: 10th June 2023

Match: Alvesta GoIF - Markaryd  2-1  (Division 4 Smålnad Sydvästra)

Attendance: 150

For Saturday I had plenty of options and after visiting a boring ground, Kroksbäcks IP in Malmö, on Friday evening I decided to visit a ground with a really nice stand. The wooden stand at Virdavallen in Alvesta was recently classified as a listed building and is now safe from demolition. From Kristianstad it is around 80 minutes by car and despite not initially finding the ground I could park my car with 30 minutes to spare (kick-off was 13.00). Once inside I noticed the wooden main stand was fenced off and after taking a few pictures I asked about the stand. Locals informed the stand was safe from being demolished but no formal decision on what to do with it in the future has been made. Hopefully it can be renovated and once again be allowed to host fans. There is an open stand on the other side though and for Alvesta games that stand is more than enough.

Alvesta GoIF v Markaryd was a top game in Division 4 Småland Sydvästra, one of four leagues at this level in Småland. The official attendance was given as 150 which for level 6 in Sweden is a good attendance. Markaryd are top of the table and scored the first goal, 1-0 after less than 10 minutes played. Alvesta equalised before the break though and in an entertaining 2nd half Alvesta scored again to make it 2-1. Both teams then had some really good chances to score but it ended 2-1 to Alvesta and the top of the table is now really tight.




East Stand


East Stand


East Stand


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View of play


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West side


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