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Argja Bóltfelag

Ground: Inni í Vika (Skansi Arena)

Visits: 1

Date: 19th June 2016

Match: Argja Bóltfelag - Havnar Bóltfelag  0-1  (Meistaradeildin)

Attendance: 500


Kick-off times in the Faroe Islands are only confirmed 3-4 days ahead of the games. As I on Wednesday morning looked at the Faroesoccer website I was delighted to find out it was possible to do a double on Sunday afternoon. Argja Bóltfelag (AB) hosted Havnar Bóltfelag (HB) at 3pm and at 5.15pm B36 Tórshavn hosted Klaksvik at Gundadalur. Argir, where AB play their games, is situated in southern Tórshavn and by car it only takes 10 minutes to go from Inni í Vika, the home of AB, to Gundadalur. I started the day with going to Inni í Vika where I took a few pictures before making a test drive to Gundadalur and I also looked at strategic parking spots at both grounds. Once the ground research was over I almost drove all the way back to Vagur airport. My destination was the lake Leitisvatn, which is situated next to the airport. The lake is located very close to the ocean, but its surface is about 40 meters above the level of sea. It is surrounded by a higher cliff which prevents it from emptying fully into the ocean, the waterfall Bøsdalafossur flows into it. Finding the waterfall was more difficult than I thought. From where you have to park it took me 35-40 minutes to walk and without a path to walk on it was somewhat of a trek. Once I arrived where the lake goes into the sea I realized there was not much water leaving the lake. I had heard about a dry (yes, a dry!) on the islands and as I climbed the rocks on the east side I couldn´t see the waterfall. I decided to cross the water (there were rocks to walk on) and from the west side I eventually spotted the waterfall. It was not very impressive though but at least I have now seen and taking pictures of the waterfall. Once back in my car I was quite tired and I had something to eat and drink before driving back to Tórshavn.


I was back at Inni í Vika around 2.15 and parked at the location I had looked at earlier in the day. The ground is quite basic with only one proper stand, in the south side of the ground. Behind this stands there is a big hill from where you have a great view of Tórshavn. HB are from Tórshavn so this was kind of a derby. No official attendance has been announced for this game but I estimate around 500, including around 200 away fans, were present. Having won 22 league titles HB are the record champions and the club is the biggest in the Faroe Islands. AB are second from bottom in the table and need to pick up points to avoid relegation. They did their best but in the windy conditions, at times I was freezing despite wearing a winter coat, HB were the better team and in the 59th minute they finally scored to make it 0-1. AB had a few decent chances to equalize but HB held on to win by the only goal. After the final whistle I hurried to my car and I made the second game of the day with 10 minutes to spare.


Pictures from my sightseeing can be found at: Sightseeing pictures





argja boltfelag

Argja Bóltfelag


inni i vika, vy2

View of Inni í Vika


inni i vika, vy

View of Inni í Vika





south stand1

South Stand


south stand

South Stand


south stand2

A closer look at the South Stand


west end

West End


north side

North side



Welcome to the game!


players entering

Players and officials entering the field









View of play



View of play



View of play



AB fans





south stand3

South Stand


inni i vika, vy3

View of Inni í Vika


west end2

South End


pano, inni i vika2



pano, inni i vika4



pano, inni i vika7