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Ground: Arosvallen

Visits: 1

Date: 3rd August 2015

Match: Syrianska IF Kerburan - Strömsberg  3-1  (Division 2 Norra Svealand)

Attendance: 422


In 2008 a new football ground, Swedbank Park, was opened in Västerås. That meant Västerås SK moved from Arosvallen to the new ground. Arosvallen hosted two matches in the 1958 World Cup:


* Yugoslavia vs Scotland  1-1 (Attendance: 9 500)

* Yugoslavia vs France  3-2  (Attendance: 12 000)


It has annoyed me I never got the chance to visit this historic ground. Since 2008 Arosvallen has been used for athletics as well as American football but no "proper" football matches have been played at Arosvallen since Västerås SK moved. Ten days ago I was made aware Syrianska IF Kerburan, who nowadays play in Division 2 Norra Svealand, would play at least one game, last Wednesday against Upsala, at Arosvallen. A new artificial pitch is being installed at Swedbank Park and that work has been delayed. I couldn´t go to the match last Wednesday but when the Syrianska IF Kerburan website confirmed their next home game would be played at Arosvallen as well I decided to book a trip to Västerås. The match was played on a Monday evening but with me still having summer holidays it was an easy decision for me. Train from Kristianstad to Västerås on Monday, watch the game and then back home on Tuesday. For a match in Division 2 it was an expensive trip but I simply had to take advantage of this unique opportunity.


Not taking any chances with delayed trains I was on my way quite early, at 07.02 I left Kristianstad. After two changes I then arrived in Västerås around 12.30. It was a nice day in Västerås with around 20 °C and sunshine. After checking in at my hotel I had lunch before making my way to Arosvallen. There were a few athletes inside so no problems for me to sneak in. Arosvallen was built in 1932 and the record attendance is 14 208 (Västerås SK vs Sandviken, 6 May 1956). The south stand is the only seated stand and is also the only covered stand. The north side of the ground is made up of some quite big terrace blocks. I guess capacity is around 9-10 000 nowadays. Kick-off between Syrianska IF Kerburan and Strömsberg was at 19.00 and an hour before kick-off I was back at Arosvallen. I heard several fans/club officials talk about the ground. They all asked themselves how come the club don´t play all their games at Arosvallen. Syrianska IF Kerburan play in Division 2 Norra Svealand and for a club at this level Arosvallen would be a perfect home. The attendance this evening was announced as 422, my estimation was 150 but guessing attendances is obviously something I am not very good at. Those of us present could watch an entertaining match. Strömsberg made it 0-1 in the 24th minute and were the better team in the first 25 minutes. In the 37th minute the home team equalized and shortly afterwards it was 2-1. Syrianska IF Kerburan had some really good offensive players and once they had equalized they took over the match completely . In the 70th minute Syrianska IF Kerburan made it 3-1 and this was to be the final score.


Some ground visits are more special than others and tonight was one of those. When it comes to grounds used in the 1958 World Cup I have now been to all except one. Unfortunately the old Jernvallen hasn´t been used for football since 1992. Who knows what will happen in the future though.


arosvallen, entrance

Arosvallen, entrance


arosvallen, entrance2

Arosvallen, entrance


south stand, rear

Rear of the South Stand


south stand, rear2

Rear of the South Stand


south stand

South Stand


south stand1

South Stand


south stand2

A closer look at the South Stand


south stand3

South Stand


west end

West End


north stand

North Stand


north stand1

North Stand


east end

East End


east end1

East End






Raising the flag


players entering

Players and officials entering the field






View of play



View of play


south stand5

South Stand


south stand6

South Stand


north stand2

North Stand



View of play





pano, arosvallen1



pano, arosvallen4