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Ground: Emirates Stadium

Visits: 2  (1 for an Arsenal match)


Date: 26th March 2008

Match: Brazil - Sweden  1-0  (Friendly)

Attendance: 60 021


Date: 5th January 2011

Match: Arsenal - Manchester C  0-0  (Premier League)

Attendance: 60 085

Pictures from Arsenal´s old ground can be found at the Highbury page


Report (Brazil - Sweden):

After travelling down from York I arrived in London by 3pm and after having a short rest and something to eat I headed towards Emirates Stadium. From what I had seen from pictures and on TV my expactations were high and I was not to be disappointed. The stadium is stunning and my seat in the upper tier of the East Stand offered both a padded seat and an excellent view. Sweden played Brazil in the 1958 World Cup final and this match was to mark the 50th anniversary. Most of the 60 000 in the crowd were Brazilians and the atmosphere was for most of the time not at all bad. Sweden played quite well and should have scored at least once in the first half but we didn´t and when our keeper made an error in the second half Pato punished him and scored the only goal of the match. I was not too disappointed with the result, I was however pleased to have visited one of the best stadiums Europe has to offer!


Report (Arsenal - Manchester C):

Emirates Stadium was opened in 2006 and has a capacity of 60 100. Every single seat is padded and when it comes to comfort for fans and facilities inside a stadium I have to say this stadium is number one (of the grounds I have visited). That is not the same as saying this is my favourite grounds, that honour goes to Craven Cottage. I visited Emirates Stadium for the first time three years ago when Sweden played a friendly against Brazil. Since I wan to visit every ground in the league for a league or cup game with the club playing at that ground I have been looking for a suitable Arsenal match for a while.


My day started in Manchester where I boarded the 11.15 Virgin train and two hours later I was at Euston station in London. Later in the evening I made my way to Arsenal tube station and when you exit the station you could feel the buzz associated with a big football match. With Manchester C being second and Arsenal third in the table this was indeed a match to look forward to. My seat was in the upper tier of the North Stand and the view from there was excellent. Actually the stand has been renamed the North Bank, the opposite stand has been renamed Clock End, in an attempt to bring back the Highbury spirit. I have read so many stories about the (not so good) atmosphere at the Emirates Stadium but I thought it was quite good. Many of the "singers" were in my stand though and that might influence my opinion.


The first half was a really good and entertaining one, Arsenal hit the post twice and had some other chances as well. No goals though. The second half was quite boring and the match ended 0-0- Manchester C didn´t have a shot on goal and at the end you could hear many chants of "Boring, boring City" from the home supporters. This was the last match on my trip and even if tonight´s match finished goalless I enjoyed the occassion. The organisation at Arsenal tube station was enjoyable as well. Hardly no waiting and I was back at my hotel (in Paddington) by 10.30. Not bad at all.





emirates stadium

Emirates Stadium



The Gunners


emirates stadium, night

Emirates Stadium at night


east stand

East Stand


south stand1

South Stand


west stand

West Stand


north stand

North Stand


pano, emirates stadium2

Pano (looking towards the South Stand)



Pictures from Brazil vs Sweden

south stand2

South Stand


west stand2

West Stand during national anthems





north stand2

North Stand


view of play

View of play


panorama, emirates2

Pano (Brazil vs Sweden)



Pictures from Arsenal vs Manchester C

east stand2

East Stand



View of play





south stand3

South Stand


emirates stadium, vy

My view


west stand2

West Stand

pano, emirates stadium4

Pano (Arsenal - Manchester C)