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Assyriska IK

Ground: Rosenlunds Idrottsplats

Visits: 1

Date: 25th August 2017

Match: Assyriska IK - Tenhult  2-1  (Division 2 Västra Götaland)

Attendance: 200

In May I visited the Jönköping derby between Tenhult and Assyriska IK at Kabevallen. The return fixture was scheduled for a Friday evening in late August and having been to the other 13 grounds in Division 2 Västra Götaland Rosenlunds IP was to be where I completed this league. There are no floodlights at Rosenlunds IP and I was a bit surprised to find out kick-off was at 19.00. When I checked again a few days ago the kick-off time had been changed to 18.30, which made sense. There are several full-size pitches at Rosenlunds IP but there is only one with proper stands and this is where Assyriska IK play their home games. IK Tord, currently in Division 3, also play their games at Rosenlunds IP but as I understand it they mainly use one of the other pitches. As I had entered it started to rain but I found cover. Being quite hungry I was pleased to find out kebabs (4 Euros) were on offer and as soon as the rain had stopped I bought a kebab and was by now ready for kick-off. As kick-off approached the attendance was not that good but during the first half plenty of people showed up and in total around 200 spectators watched this derby game.

With both teams being involved in the fight to avoid relegation it was an important game for both teams. Assyriska IK were the better team though and at half-time they were deservedly 1-0 up. In the second half the home team pressed on and created several really good chances, including hitting the bar. In the 75th minute Assyriska finally managed to score their second goal, 2-0 at it looked like the game was over. Tenhult refused to give up though and as Assyriska IK somehow felt like the game WAS over Tenhult could go on the attack over and over again. 1-2 in the 83rd minute but despite pressing on the visitors could not find an equalizer and Assyriska could hold on to three important points. On my way back home I could reflect on the fact I have now complete two of the six Division 2-leagues in Sweden. With the distances, not to forget attendances at Division 2 games, in mind I doubt I will ever complete any of the others though.


Rosenlunds IP, entrance




East Stand


East Stand


South End


West Stand


West Stand


North End


Players and officials entering




East Stand


East Stand


East Stand


Assyriska IK supporter


View of play


West Stand


View of play


View of play