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Ground: Kopparvallen

Visits: 2


Date: 25th August 2007

Match: Åtvidabergs FF - Degerfors  0-0  (Superettan)

Attendance: 2 558


Date: 20th October 2013

Match: Åtvidabergs FF - Helsingborg  3-0  (Allsvenskan)

Attendance: 3 466


Åtvidabergs FF were founded in 1907 and despite coming from a small town (pop. 7 000) the club has a history many bigger clubs would be proud of. The "golden years" were in the early 1970s when the club won several league- and cup titles in Sweden. Players like Ralf Edström, Roger Magnusson and Conny Torstensson played for Åtvidaberg back then and in the Sweden squad for the 1974 World Cup not less than 8 players came from Åtvidaberg. In the 70s many memorable UEFA-matches were played at Kopparvallen. In 1972 Åtvidaberg knocked Chelsea (title holders) out of the Cupwinners Cup and in 1973 the perhaps most legendary match of them all was played at Kopparvallen. Bayern München, having won the first leg 3-1, showed up with Franz Beckenbauer, Gerd Müller etc but Åtvidaberg won 3-1. The match went to penalties which the Germans won. Bayern München then won the European Cup in May 1974. In the late 70s the club were relegated from Allsvenskan, were promoted back to Allsvenskan before being relegated again. In 1991 Åtvidaberg were relegated to Division 3 (level 5) and the future for the club was in doubt. The club bounced back though and in 2009 the club, after 28 years, were once again an Allsvenskan team. The club was relegated back to Superettan though but in 2011 Åtvidaberg once again were promoted to Allsvenskan.


Report (Åtvidaberg - Helsingborg):

I visited Kopparvallen in 2007 (vs Degerfors) when Åtvidaberg celebrated 100 years. In time for the 2012 season the ground had three new stands built and I could notice it was now a proper and very nice looking football ground. Last summer I was invited by the club to re-visit Kopparvallen so I could have pictures of the "new" ground on my website. It wasn´t until October 2013 I would finally take up the offer and visit Åtvidaberg. I was in Kalmar on Saturday afternoon watching a play-off match before heading towards Oskarshamn where I spent the night. Åtvidaberg was a 90-minute drive for me on Sunday morning and at noon I met Tommy, the stadium architect, outside Kopparvallen. He introduced me to the chairman and gave me the passes (buffé, media etc) I needed. He then gave me a tour of the ground. The old main stand is the only stand that remains from my previous visit to Kopparvallen. Individual seats have now been installed though. The South Stand, previously an open (very basic ) terrace, is a wooden stand with around 2 300 seats. I had access to the TV-gantry and from there you have an excellent view of the pitch. The hard core home supporters are in the West Stand. This stand is also a wooden stand and is currently terraced. If new ground rules are fully implemented next year this stand will be converted to seats. Away supporters are in the open East Stand. Unfortunately there wasn´t enough money to build a roof on this stand. All in all Kopparvallen is nowadays one of the best grounds in Sweden for a groundhopper to visit.


After my private stadium tour I was then invited to the VIP-buffé where I met other board members of Åtvidabergs FF. The food was excellent and I couldn´t help thinking what a difference this food was compared to what I normally eat at football grounds. Kick-off for the match against Helsingborg was at 15.00 but unfortunately the weather was not the best. Light rain and about 5 °C, not exactly what I was hoping for. Helsingborg were top of Allsvenskan for most of the first half of the season but have now dropped down the table. Currently five points from leaders Malmö this was a match they had to win to have any chance of winning the league title. In total Helsingborg had around 200 fans at Kopparvallen which still is a decent away following. It was not going to be their day though. Åtvidaberg dominated on the pitch and made it 1-0 in the 45th minute. In the second half it was all Åtvidaberg on the pitch and after a red card (handball on the goal-line) Åtvidaberg made it 2-0 from the penalty spot. It was then 3-0 before the final whistle went. A fully deserved victory for Åtvidaberg and the Helsingborg can now forget any hopes of a league title. After the match I said good-bye to Tommy and thanked him (and Åtvidaberg) for the hospitality they showed me during my visit. This was a very special day out for me!



East entrance to Kopparvallen


entrance, west

West entrance to Kopparvallen


elof ericsson

Statue of Elof Ericsson



Club badge



Doors leading to the pitch



Many UEFA-matches have been played at Kopparvallen





north stand3

North Stand


north stand2

North Stand


north stand

North Stand


north stand1

A closer look at the North Stand



Fire extinguishers


kopparvallen, vy

View of Kopparvallen





east end

East End (2007)



east stand

East Stand (2013)


south stand2

South Stand (2007)


south stand

South Stand (2013)


south stand1

South Stand


south stand2

A closer look at the South Stand


south stand, interior

Interior of the South Stand


west stand4

West Stand


west stand

A closer look at the West Stand



Preparing for a live broadcast



Kick-off (vs Degerfors)


north stand4

North Stand



Delievering the match ball


avspark (vs hif)

Kick-off (vs Helsingborg)


borta fans

Degerfors fans



Helsingborg fans


south stand5

South Stand


west stand5b

West Stand



Åtvidaberg fans



View of play


pano, kopparvallen1b



pano, kopparvallen5



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