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Ground: Espelundens Idrætsanlæg

Visits: 1

Date: 21st August 2011

Match: Avarta - Vanløse  3-1  (2. Division Øst)

Attendance: 622


When I couldn´t find anyone to play golf with this glorius Sunday I decided to go to Denmark instead. I knew there was a possibility of a double-header so I wasn´t too disappointed when the golf was off. Avarta and Vanløse are both situated in western Copenhagen, quite close to each other, and with the weather being really nice I was hoping for a good attendance for this third tier match. Avarta play at Espelundens Idrætsanlæg in Rødovre which is a western suburb to Copenhagen. As I walked through the turnstyle I was immediately pleased with what I could see. A natural grass bowl on three sides and a proper stand on the North side of the ground. The stand has a capacity of around 700 but with Avarta normally having attendances well below that I guess there is no need for a bigger stand. When the weather is nice, like today, people can sit/stand in the grass as well. For the derby against Vanløse 622 turned up but my estimation is that the away team had more fans at the game than the home team. 622 is nevertheless a good attendance for this division.


Avarta started the match really well and went 1-0 up early on. When they then scored another goal the home fans were in a good mood, the sale of beer went really well this afternoon by now as well. A couple of minutes later a Vanløse player elbowed an Avarta player in the chest and was given a red card. It was a bit harsh (and in my book not a red card) but when you raise your elbows like that you always risk being sent-off. Unfortunately this killed the match a bit and when Avarta scored a third goal in the second half there could only be one winner. It finished 3-1 to Avarta and a great derby win for the home players and fans to celebrate. No celebrations for me though, I hurried to my car for the 40 km trip to Herfølge and my second match of the day.


espelundens idraetsanlaeg, entre



south stand

South Stand


west end

West End


north stand

North Stand


north stand1

A closer look at the main stand


east end

East End





fans i solen

Enjoying the sunshine


south stand2

South Stand



View of play


west end2

West End


north stand2

Main stand


espelundens idraetsanlaeg, vy2

View of Espelundens Idrætsanlæg


pano, avarta4