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BK Union

Ground: Brunnsängen

Visits: 1

Date: 7th April 2023

Match: BK Union - Sillhövda AIK  2-1  (Division 4 Blekinge)

Attendance: 100

I was supposed to be watching football in England over the Easter weekend but for the time being it will be Sweden and Denmark only. With the lower leagues in Sweden starting their season at Easter I had plenty of options. It has been unusually cold in southern Sweden recently though and most games this weekend in Skåne have been moved to artificial pitches. Since I want to watch clubs at their home grounds I focused on clubs normally playing on an artificial pitch. On Good Friday BK Union from Kyrkhult hosted Sillhövda AIK (Holmsjö) in Division 4 Blekinge. With Brunnsängen, the home of BK Union, having an artificial pitch I decided to go there today.

My nephew, aged 9, played in an u9 tournament at Strandvallen in Hällevik today and prior to going to Kyrkhult I watched two of his games. In the strong wing, Strandvallen is next to the Baltic Sea, it was quite cold but the young players seemed to enjoy their football nevertheless. From Hällevik it was around 45 minutes by car to Kyrkhult and 30 minutes prior to kick-off I was at Brunnsängen. I have actually been to Kyrkhult playing table tennis and the ground was next door to where we played. Anyway, this was the opening game of the season and in total around 100 spectators showed up at Brunnsängen. Some of those supported the visitors from Holmsjö and as the teams entered red smoke was set off by the visiting fans, nice and unexpecting!

Sillhövda AIK took the lead early on but it was 2-1 to BK Union at half-time. The 2nd half was not the best and in the end BK Union could hold on to all three points. It was quite cold in Kyrkhult too but I still enjoyed my visit. BK Union is a community club and offered a good selection of refreshments.




Brunnsängen, club house


Players and officials


Line-up and some red smoke from the away fans


West Stand




West side


West Stand


West Stand


View of Brunnsängen


North End


Away fans


East side


South End


View of play


Home fans