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ÍB Vestmannaeyja

Ground: Hásteinsvöllur

Visits: 2 (Once for a postponed match)

Date: 24th June 2013

Match: ÍB Vestmannaeyja - Fram  1-0  (Úrvalsdelid)

Attendance: 1 008


Vestmannaeyjar (Westman Islands) are a group of 15 islands situated south of Iceland. They have all been created by volcanic eruptions in the last 10 000 years. The biggest island, Heimaey, is the only populated and in total around 4 500 people live here. In 1973 there was a major volcanic eruption and many housed were destroyed by the lava. A heroic rescue action saved all the inhabitants but it would take years before they could return to Heimaey. The island grew by 2 km2 after the 1973 eruption. The local football team ÍB Vestmannaeyja play in Iceland's top division and their ground, Hásteinsvöllur, has some fantastic surroundings. After seeing a few pictures of Hasteinsvöllur I was really looking forward visiting this ground.


Report (ÍB Vestmannaeyja - Selfoss, July 2012)

The bus left Reykjavik at 07.00 and two hours later I was in Landeyjahöfn, where the ferry to Heimaey departs from. The ferry trip was lively with high waves but I thankfully made it to Heimay without being sea-sick. I checked in at my guesthouse and then walked to the ground to take some pictures. The ground itself is quite basic with only two seated stands. Both are without a roof. As you can see in the pictures below Hásteinsvöllur is very nicely situated with some big rocks right next to it. Unfortunately the wind picked up even more in the afternoon and the 13.00 as well as the 16.00 ferry from Landeyjahöfn were cancelled. This meant the away team (Selfoss) couldn't make it to Hásteinsvöllur this afternoon and the match was postponed. I was of course very disappointed, this was supposed to be the highlight of the trip. There is nothing you can do against Mother Nature though. In the end I did some touristing instead, visiting the lava field and the stave church. On Monday morning the wind was much calmer and as planned I could leave Heimay with the 8.30 ferry. For a while on Sunday I was worried I would be stuck on the island for a few days. As I left the guesthouse I promised the landlady I will be back one day and attend a match at the amazing Hásteinsvöllur. Maybe next summer?


Report (ÍB Vestmannejya - Fram)

After the disappointment last year with having my planned match at Hásteinsvöllur postponed I wanted to get back to Vestmannaeyjar (Westman Islands) as early as this summer. Going through my options I decided to leave for Iceland the first day of my summer holidays. I went to four matches in the Reykjavík area before boarding the 7am bus from BSI to Landeyjahöfn on Sunday morning. When I looked at weather forecasts for Vestmannaeyjar I was a bit nervous but I was calmed when they said sunshine but above all westerly winds of around 8 m/s. This should mean no problems with the match The ferry, Herjolfur, left Landeyjahöfn at 10am and 45 minutes later I was yet again on Heimay, the biggest and only populated of the Westman Islands. The weather was really good and this kind of weather only happens for 30 days or so every year. I walked around on the island taking plenty of pictures before resting at my hotel. 90 minutes before kick-off I walked up to the ground, I really wanted to enjoy the occasion. From the cliff on the north side of the ground I could take some stunning pictures of Hásteinsvöllur with the two volcanos in the background. It was so beautiful this afternoon at Hásteinsvöllur it was almost a religious experience.

45 minutes before kick-off both teams entered the pitch for the warm-up. Among the players were David James, former England goalkeeper. Nowadays Herman Hreidarsson is manager of ÍB Vestmannaeyja. David James is a friend of his form the Portsmouth days. Apparently David James lives on Heimay (at least until September) and helps out with coaching youth teams on the island. The match at Hásteinsvöllur was ok. ÍBV had the best chance in the first half hitting the post but it was still 0-0 at half-time. There was only one goal in this match. In the 83rd minute ÍBV scored from a good move and they managed to hold on for an important win. I was so disappointed last year when I had to leave the island without seeing a match. As I left the island on Monday morning this time around I felt more satisfied than happy. Mission accomplished!


















16th tee on the golf course



View of Heimaey



Lava field



Lava field





football rocks

Football rocks


hasteinsvöllur, vy

Hasteinsvöllur with the two volcanos in the background


hasteinsvöllur, vy2



east end

East End


south stand1

South Stand


west end

West End


north stand2

North Stand


north stand1

North Stand


north stand

North Stand


david james

David James



Home supporters





south stand3

South Stand



View of play


hasteinsvöllur, vy3

View of Hasteinsvöllur


north stand3

North Stand


hasteinsvöllur, vy4

View of Hasteinsvöllur


pano, hasteinsvöllur3

Pano (2012)


pano, hasteinsvöllur1

Pano (2013)


pano, hasteinsvöllur3



pano, hasteinsvöllur6