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Ground: Bergsvallen

Visits: 1

Date: 27th June 2015

Match: Bergnäset - Gällivare/Malmberget  1-0  (Division 2 Norrland)

Attendance: 212


This is probably the most difficult report I have ever written. Sometimes events that are impossible to predict happen to you. After the visit to Byavallen in Aapua and the experience of the midnight sun on the way back I was tired but in a good mood as I went to bed around 1am. The next morning I would go with Leif to Haparanda and from Haparanda I would then go to Luleå for my last match on this tour. I was woke up that night, around 03.50, as Leif´s wife were screaming "Up,up, you have to get out". At first I thought I had overslept but after a few seconds I realized Leif´s house was on fire. I quickly collected all my belongings and ran-out via the back door. The main entrance/exit to the house was blocked by the fire but thankfully we could all escape through the back door. Once outside I could see two separate fires, the roof and front as well as the car. This was an apparent arson attack and I had problems understanding what was happening. After a few minutes the fire service arrived but there was nothing they could do, Leif and his family lost everything this night. The house and car were both completely burnt out. We were taken in by a neighbour and everyone was shocked and confused. It took the police more than two hours to arrive, they had to come all the way from Kiruna. For legal reasons I can´t get into the details to why someone would torch a house with four people inside but if convicted the guilty person will face many years in prison.


Since I was flying home from Luleå on Sunday morning I had to leave Pajala on the Saturday. At 06.30, with the only bus of the day, I left Pajala. The bus journey to Luleå took around three hours but It was impossible for me to get some sleep. So many thoughts passing through me head. After checking in at my hotel I rested for a few hours before leaving for Bergnäset. Bergnäset is a part of Luleå, on the way to the airport, and an hour before kick-off I was at the ground taking a few pictures. Being second from bottom this was an important game for Bergnäset and against Gällivare/Malmberget they actually manage to win, 1-0. Gällivare/Malmberget have a lot of foreign, mainly English, players but that didn´t help this afternoon Rumours say the club, who has financial muscles, will bring in a lot of new players once the transfer window opens. After the match I had something to eat and drink at my hotel before going to bed around 9pm. This was the most dramatic day of my life but at least I am alive. Hard times for Leif and his family as they have to start from scratch again. The last night apart I had a great time in the very north of Sweden and I am eternally grateful for the kindness showed by Leif, his family but also the people of Pajala.


bergnästets aik

Bergnäsets AIK


bergsvallen, info

Bergsvallen, info


west end

West End


south stand1

South Stand


south stand1a

A closer look


south stand1b

A closer look


east end

East End


north side

North side





fans arriving

Fans arriving


players entering

Players and officials entering the field









View of play



View of play





bergsvallen, vy

View of Bergsvallen


south stand2

South Stand





south stand4

South Stand


south stand3a

South Stand


south stand3

South Stand



View of play





pano, bergsvallen1



pano, bergsvallen3