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Bosna IF

Ground: Gisle Idrottsplats

Visits: 1

Date: 19th August 2023

Match: Bosna IF - Norrahammars IK  0-2  (Division 5 Småland Nordvästra)

Attendance: 40

My 2nd game of the day was Bosna IF v Norrahammars IK at Gisle IP. The game at Ryttarvallen ended at 15.50 but with it being only seven minutes between the two grounds I made it to Gislevallen with a few minutes to spare. Having been to Gisle IP earlier in the day I knew where to park and with the actual pitch being a bit tricky to find it was a good idea I had been there before. There are actually two full-size pitches at Gisle IP but the artificial pitch was “rolled up” and the artificial grass was lying next to the concrete. The grass pitch was in an excellent condition though and although there are no proper stands at Gisle IP I have been to worse places to watch football.

Bosna IF played in division 4 in 2023 but they are now back in division 5. Being in 4th in the table the club is aiming for a promotion play-off spot and with today´s opponents being mid-table this is the type of game you have to win. On the pitch it was not to be Bosna´s day, they missed a penalty and all their other chances to score. With the visitors from Norrahammar scoring twice the game at Gisle IP ended 0-2. This is a ground I would not normally visit but as part of a double with Ryttarvallen it was a chance I couldn´t resist. All in all a great day out for me in Gislaved and shortly after 8pm I was back home.




West side


South End


East side


East side


East side


View of play


North End


View of play


Bosna fans


View of play


Penalty, Bosna (saved)


View of Gisle IP