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Ground: Domnarvsvallen

Visits: 1

Date: 28th June 2010

Match: Brage - Örgryte  2-2  (Superettan)

Attendance: 2 433


Last year I completed all the grounds in Superettan but when Brage from Borlänge were promoted it meant I had one ground to visit this year to re-complete this division. Borlänge is situated in the county of Dalarna and is around 7 hours on the train from where I live. I decided to make the trip in two legs though, staying the night in Stockholm where I used the opportunity to visit Gröndal in Division 1 North. As our train approached Borlänge there was a power failure in Borlänge and we had to stay one hour at the track before a diesel train came and rescued us. With there being a Peace and Love music festival the train was more than full but with nice company of a lovely female author who was to read from her new book at the festival I actually didn´t mind waiting at all. I promised to buy her book as well......

Brage play at Domnarvsvallen, a proper football ground with no running tracks. Domnarvsvallen was opened in 1925 and has a capacity of  around  6 500. All four stands are wooden and and you get a genuine feeling of being at an old, classic ground. When the match started the visitors from Gothenburg, supported by 25 away fans, took a 2-0 lead and looked by far the best team. No team in Superettan has drawn as many matches this season as Örgryte and in the last 10 minutes Brage, much to the delight of my friend Håkan, scored two goals to gain an important point. Another draw for Örgryte and their players were very disappointed as the final whistle went. The nice weather might influence my opinion but for a neutral groundhopper Domnarvsvallen must be one of the best grounds in Sweden to visit.








east stand1

East Stand


south stand

South Stand


west stand

West Stand


north stand1

North Stand


domnarvsvallen, view

View of Domnarvsvallen



Örgryte fans



View of play





south stand2

South Stand


west stand2

West Stand


north stand3

North Stand


north stand2

North Stand


pano, domnarvsvallen2



pano, domnarvsvallen4