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Ground: Turf Moor

Visits: 1

Date: 5th January 2015

Match: Burnley - Tottenham  1-1  (FA-Cup)

Attendance: 9 348


With Turf Moor in Burnley being the only Premiership ground I hadn´t visited yet I was hoping for Burnley to be drawn at home in the 3rd round of the FA-Cup. Burnley were drawn at home against Tottenham but it took a while before the kick-off time was confirmed. My option this Monday was Kilmarnock vs Celtic in the Scottish Premier League meaning I didn´t book the flight home until I knew when Burnley were to play Tottenham. I was pretty sure the match would be played on Sunday afternoon but to my surprise it was going to be played on Monday evening. That meant I could go to Motherwell vs Aberdeen on Sunday and fly home from Manchester on Tuesday morning. Since prices for flights were much cheaper from Manchester than Glasgow/Edinburgh I thought the Monday evening kick-off time was good news for me, although I realized there would be a low attendance. Anyway, I woke up in Preston on Monday morning at after breakfast I went to Preston station from where I went by train to Burnley Manchester Road station. I wanted to pick up my ticket and take some exterior pictures of Turf Moor in day-light. Once at the ground I found some open gates and I sneaked into the ground hoping to take some pictures of the empty stands. I went up the stairs in the James Hargreaves Stand but unfortunately there was a locked door preventing me from entering the stand itself. Annoying but nothing I could do about that. Instead I went back to Preston and since I had a few hours to kill before returning to Burnley I walked down to Deepdale, the home of Preston North End. I was at Deepdale in August 2013 and back then I was seated in the Tom Finney Stand. I was hoping to get inside Deepdale and take some pictures of the stand I was in when I was here last time. After a few exterior pictures of Deepdale I tried to enter the Pavillion Stand, the stand opposite the Tom Finney Stand. I found an open gate but as I was on my way in someone asked me if I had permission to access the ground. I was honest and replied "Probably not, but I just want to take some pictures". "Ok, wait here and I will ask if you can be given permission" the other person said. After a minute he came back to me and said "As long as you stay off the pitch you can go in". I went in and took a few pictures. Thumbs up to Preston North End for their friendliness!


Later in the evening I returned to Burnley and once at Turf Moor it was obvious the attendance for this game would be very low. Two hours before the match and hardly anyone outside the ground. The lowest attendance so far for me at an English Premiership ground is 7 533, from 1993, when I visited Wimbledon vs Aston Villa at Selhurst Park. Turf Moor was opened in 1883 and nowadays has an all-seated capacity of 21 500. Already when the kick-off time was confirmed Burnley FC announced the Jimmy McIlroy Stand would be closed foe this game. My seats was in the first row of the upper tier of the James Hargreaves Stand and from there I had a great view of the action on the pitch. 2500 Tottenham fans, a very good turn-out for a Monday game, were at Turf Moor for this match. In total 9 300 were present at we had to endure an awful first half, not even a shot on target. The second half was not entertaining either but still an improvement (well, the opposite was impossible). Tottenham took the lead in the 56th minute but in the 73rd minute Burnley equalized. Apart from the goals there weren´t much to get excited about though. The match ended 1-1 meaning a replay at White Hart Lane next Tuesday. After the match I walked up the hill to Burnley Manchester Road station and at 22.15 my train left for Preston. On the way back I heard someone say "The first half was so awful I can´t describe it". I couldn´t agree more. At least I have now re-completed the Premiership and I have now been to 75 of the 92 grounds (84 in total in England). This time of the year there is always a risk of having matches postponed but thankfully my planned matches all went ahead. I will be back in England during Easter and hopefully a couple of new grounds for me then as well.





burnley fc

Burnley FC


bob lord stand, rear

Rear of the Bob Lord Stand


jimmy mcilroy stand, rear

Rear of the Jimmy McIlroy Stand


james hargreaves stand, rear

Rear of the James Hargreaves Stand


turf moor at night2

Turf Moor at night


turf moor at night

Turf Moor at night


jimmy mcilroy stand

Jimmy McIlroy Stand


bob lord stand

Bob Lord Stand


david fishwick stand

David Fishwick Stand


players entering the pitch

Players entering the pitch



View of play





bob lord stand2

Bob Lord Stand



View of play



Tottenham fans



Tottenham fans



Burnley fans


pano, turf moor3



pano, turf moor5