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Ground: Degeberga Idrottsplats

Visits: Around 75

Date: 6th September 2020

Match: Degeberga GoIF - Yngsjö  3-4  (Division 6 Skåne Östra)

Attendance: 35

Degeberga in eastern Skåne is where I grew up (my dad still lives here) and in my youth I went to a lot of matches at Degeberga Idrottsplats. I know there was a season I attended every home game of Degeberga GoIF and in total it must be 75 or so matches for me at Degeberga IP. Having no record of my visits the ground is not included in my official list but 30+ years after my last visit it was time for a re-visit to my first ever ground. Kick-off this Sunday afternoon was at 14.00 and first stop was of course my dad´s house where I enjoyed lunch. At 13.30 I parked my car and despite a sign saying otherwise I entered the ground.  Degeberga IP is situated next to the Forsakar nature reserve which attracts plenty of tourists every year. The nature around Degeberga is actually very nice and several movies have been shot in the area. Anyway, the game today was against top of the division Yngsjö and with Degeberga being mid-table this was going to be a tough game for the hosts. During warm-up I noticed three former pupils of mine playing for the home team and one of them has played several seasons in Division 2. Nowadays he is back at his native club and when match fit he will, by far, be the best player in this league. For some reason there was a sign saying spectators were not allowed at matches but in total around 35 fans (some of them were sitting outside) were at Degeberga IP for this match.

There are 12 teams in Division 6 in Skåne and this season teams only play each other once. With 5 wins in 6 games Yngsjö are looking good for promotion but Degeberga started the best and after 13 minutes it was 2-0. By half-time it was 3-1 to Degeberga and a major surprise was on the cards. In the second half Yngsjö had most (read: all) of the possession and in the 84th minute they equalized, 3-3 was still a good result for Degeberga though. Football can be cruel and when Yngsjö scored in stoppage time to win 4-3 emotions at Degeberga IP were running high. The referee had a horrendous game and at one point one of the assistant referees shouted “For F***s sake, blow the whistle”! I am not sure if they were travelling back in the same car but it would have been interesting to hear the referees discussing the game. After the final whistle I could look back on a trip down memory lane and in the coming weeks I might go to more grounds I visited in my youth but has not yet included in my statistics.


Degeberga backar


Forsakar water fall




Club badge






South side


South side




West End


View of Degeberga IP


North side


North side


Watching from outside the ground


View of play


View of play


East End