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Dinamo Minsk

Ground: Stadion Traktor

Visits: 1

Date: 4th May 2014

Match: Dinamo Minsk - Belshina  4-1  (Vysshaya Liga)

Attendance: 1 200

Dinamo Minsk are nowadays playing at Stadion Dinamo


Having been to the second division match between Zvezda BGU and Isloch earlier in the day the match at Stadion Traktor, Dinamo Minsk vs Belshina, was my second match this Sunday afternoon. Between the matches Alexander and I did some sightseeing in central Minsk and had something to eat and drink as well. As I said in an earlier report, things in Belarus take time. Our waiting time at the restaurant was no exception and we didn´t arrive at Stadion Traktor until 16.45, 15 minutes before kick-off. I didn´t really know what to expect from the ground and was pleased to see this was an old-style ran-down football ground with running tracks. Groundhoppers like grounds like Stadion Traktor but for regular fans better facilities are probably appreciated. Capacity of Stadion Traktor is around 16 500.


As I was standing in line waiting to buy tickets a Dinamo Minsk fan suddenly asked me if I wanted  two tickets for the match. They were for free and I don´t know why I was given the tickets but I had no complaints. As was the case at the other matches there was a big police presence at Stadion Traktor. Every fan had to pass a metal detector and I was thoroughly searched as well. I eventually made it into the ground but missed the first three minutes of the match. As you can see at one of the pictures below the queue was still very long and plenty fans missed the first 10 minutes or so. Of course I missed the first goal of the match, 1-0 in the second minute. Belshina then equalized from a stunning free-kick, 1-1 at half-time. At half-time I then met up with the rest of the group as well as plenty of other (German) groundhoppers. Probably around 20 foreign groundhoppers at this match. In the second half Dinamo Minsk played really well and when the final whistle went the score-board said 4-1 to the home team. A nice match to finish off the tour with.


At 07.40 on Monday morning I then boarded the train taking me back to Lithuania, my flight back home was late in the afternoon. Having entered the country with an ice-hockey ticket for a match not being played until Saturday I was of course a bit concerned what would happen at the border. Everything went smoothly though. The official scanned my passport, scanned the ticket and stamped my passport and that was it. No questions asked and it went much easier than anticipated. Belarus is a really interesting (and different) country to visit and the ordinary citizens I came across were all very friendly and welcoming. Even though it is under normal circumstances complicated to get access to the country I can warmly recommend a visit!


stadion traktor

Stadion Traktor


west stand, rear2

Rear of the West Stand



Queue at the security check





north stand

North Stand


east stand

East Stand


south stand

South Stand


west stand

West Stand





watching for free

Watching for free


watching for free2

Watching for free



Belshina fans



View of play




dinamo minsk-fans

Dinamo Minsk fans


scarfs are out

Scarfs are out





stadion traktor, vy

View of Stadion Traktor


west stand2

West Stand





pano, stadion traktor3



pano, stadion traktor2