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Ground: Enskede Idrottsplats

Visits: 1

Date: 25th June 2017

Match: Enskede - Umeå  2-5  (Division 1 Norra)

Attendance: 157

One of my ambitions is to have visited every ground in the top three divisions in Sweden. Since 2015 I have missed 1-2 grounds in Division 1 Norra though but this summer I decided to prioritize this ambition. The last week of June gave me the opportunity to visit my three missing grounds, all in the Stockholm area, as well as attending a few games in Finland. A week full of football and at 06.43 on Sunday morning my train left Kristianstad. After changing trains in Hässleholm I then arrived, on time, 11.39 at Stockholm C. My hotel was a 10-15 minute walk from the station and I had no problems finding the way. My first game on this tour was Enskede v Umeå at Enskede IP. That meant I had a few hours where I could rest and have something to eat (lasagna!) and drink before leaving for the ground. Enskede IP is situated next to Sockenplan metro station and very easy to get to. The ground itself is very basic with running tracks and only one stand. Enskede IP is close to Tele2 Arena ,where Hammarby and Djurgården play, and from the top rows of the only stand you could clearly see Tele2 Arena. 15 minutes before kick-off my friends Daniel and Romina showed up as well. It has been more than a year since I last met them so really nice to see them again. The weather was changeable this afternoon but as the game was about to start the sun was out.

Enskede were promoted to Division 1 Norra at the end of the 2015 season and are playing their second season in this league. In 2017 they have struggled though and before today´s game they are bottom with only four points. Umeå are third in the table and are aiming for promotion. Just under 200 was at Enskede IP this afternoon but it seemed at least half the crowd supported Umeå. Umeå are managed by André Jeglertz (I work with his cousin) and Umeå FC legend Steve Galloway and at Enskede IP it was all smiles in the away camp. 0-3 at half-time and all three goals were really good ones. In the second half the rain arrived but that didn´t stop Umeå who in the end won 5-2. A very entertaining game and a good start to my tour. After the final whistle I went with Daniel and Romina to Liljeholmen where we had a few drinks. On the way a pedestrian runs in front of the car. That was Jakob Mikkelsen, Hammarby´s manager. He was not hit by the car but I could already see headlines like “Manager ran over by own fan” in tomorrow´s papers!


Enskede IP, entrance


Enskede IP


West End


North side


North side




East End


South Stand


South Stand


South Stand


Players and officials entering the field


Kick-off (note the Globe Arena and Tele2 Arena in the background)


View of Enskede IP


View of play


South Stand


South Stand