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Erzgebirge Aue

Ground: Erzgebirgsstadion

Visits: 1

Date: 3rd August 2012

Match: Erzgebirge Aue - St. Pauli  0-0  (2. Bundesliga)

Attendance: 12 200


I wanted to make one more trip abroad before getting back to work. In Germany there are normally matches Friday to Monday in 2. Bundesliga and the opening weekend was no exception. In the end I decided for four matches, three in 2. Bundesliga and one in 3. Liga. Since I was flying out to Berlin on Thursday afternoon I was hoping for Hannover 96 to be drawn at home in the Europa League qualifying first leg but that was not to be the case. First match was, as originally planned, to be in Aue. It is not easy to get to Aue by train and this was the reason I left for Germany on Thursday afternoon. My flight to Berlin was on time and I was at Berlin Hbf with 45 minutes to spare before the ICE train to Leipzig was supposed to depart. Once again I had the pleasure of having a train delayed in Germany though. The train was 40 minutes late meaning I missed my connecting train in Leipzig (to Chemnitz). This meant I was arriving in Chemnitz by 20.30. Since the reception in my hotel closed by 20.00 I had to call them and say I was arriving late. Being in eastern Germany where people generally don´t speak English I had to do the conversation in German and I managed quite OK.
The match on Friday afternoon, Erzgebirge Aue vs St. Pauli, was the first match of the season in 2. Bundesliga. With a 18.00 kick-off I had a few hours to kill. and I spent the morning in Chemnitz visitng the Markt as well as the impressive Karl-Marx monument. After the second World War Chemnitz was renamed "Karl-Marx Stadt" but when Germany was reunified the name changed back to Chemnitz. By 13.10 I boarded the Erzgebirgsbahn train for Aue. Erzgebirge is a mountainous area in eastern Germany, close to the Czech border. It was an interesting train journey but the train more or less stopped at every house and I wasn´t in Aue until 14.30. Aue is a small town (pop. 17 000) situated 15 km from the Czech border but as I understand it Erzgebirge Aue is a regional team. The club used to be called Wismut Aue. Those of us who knows the Periodic Table know Wismut is an element which is abbreviated Bi. Near Aue there is a uranium mine (now closed) and the name Wismut Aue is connected to this mine. What Wismut has to do with uranium you can find out for yourselves.
After a late lunch in the city centre I walked up the hill to Erzgebirgsstadion and by 16.30 I was outside the ground. Erzgebirgsstadion has a capacity of 16 000 and is a bit difficult to describe. There are running tracks and the west side of the ground looks like a big C-shaped stand. This stand is covered and mainly seated. Unfortunately there are a few pillars obstructing the view. The east side of the ground is a mixture of seats and standing areas. The away supporters are in the north end of these stands. It was really warm this Friday afternoon and I was pleased having my seat in the shadow. Having a supporting pillar to my left was a bit annoying though. Thankfully the seat to my right was empty and for corners etc I simply moved to get an unrestricted view. During the match the atmosphere was quite good. St. Pauli fans do their best to support their team and this evening was no exception. The home fans were quite vocal too. They never chanted or sung about Erzgebirge Aue, it was always Wismut Aue. Few chances in the first half of the match but the second half was much better. Aue hit the inside of the post with 10 minutes to go but that was as close as it was this evening. The match ended 0-0. A goalless match is better than a posponed match though and I wasn´t too disappointed as I left Erzgebirgsstadion. Throughout the match I chatted (in German) with the man to my left. He was fascinated I had come all the way from Sweden to see Aue and wished me a nice trip in Germany.



aue, vy

View of Aue



Proper floodlights


erzgebirgsstadion, vy

View of Erzgebirgsstadion



Scarfs for sale



Fans outside the ground



Fans outside the ground


gäste block

Away sector


east stand

East Stand


east stand1

A closer look...


south curve

South curve


west stand

West Stand


north curve1

North curve



Aue fan



Aue fan



Aue fans



Young hooligans?



St. Pauli fans



St. Pauli fans



View of play


east stand4

East Stand






Aue fans


south curve2

South curve


erzgebirgsstadion, vy2

My view



Aue fans


west stand2

West Stand


north curve3

Aue fans


pano, erzgebirgsstadion2