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FA 2000

Ground: Frederiksberg Stadion

Visits: 1

Date: 5th October 2019

Match: FA 2000 - Brønshøj  2-0  (2. Division, pulje 1)

Attendance: 434

2. Division is the third tier of the Danish league pyramid and there are 2 x 12 teams playing in 2.Division. The most eastern league is mostly made up of teams from the Copenhagen area and the first weekend of October I decided to visit newly promoted FA 2000 who hosted Brønshøj at Frederiksberg Stadion. Frederiksberg Alliancen (FA) were founded in 2000 as a merger of three local clubs at 2019/20 is the first time ever the club is playing in 2. Division. Knowing Brønshøj always bring a decent number of fans to their away matches I was hoping for a good attendance for this match. The easiest route for me was to go by train to Copenhagen airport and once there I changed to the metro. The metro journey to Flintholm station took around 20 minutes and the ground was then around 10 minutes by foot. Kick-off was 13.45 and as I arrived the clouds had disappeared and this was to be a crystal clear day where the difference in temperature between sitting in the shadow or standing in the sun was considerable. Frederiksberg Stadion is a crap ground for football with the main (south) stand being very far from the pitch. You also had the pole vaulting pit to obstruct your view. The official attendance today was given as 434 and most of those fans were supporting Brønshøj. For reason mentioned above most of them decided to stand in the north side of the ground meaning having the sun directly in your eyes but it felt like 10 degrees warmer compared to sitting in the main stand.

FA 2000 started the season poorly but has won four of their last five matches. The top six teams in the league end up in the promotion round where they are joined by the top six from the western league. Both Brønshøj and FA 200 are in the top six at the moment at today´s game was quite entertaining. The home team scored twice in the latter stages of the first half to go 2-0 up. In the second half it was all Brønshøj but Jonas Elkjær in the FA 2000 goal had a great game and I was actually a bit impressed by his calm and solid performance. As the final whistle was blown at Frederiksberg Stadion the scoreboard said 2-0 and the journey back home could commence. The game ended 15.35 and 17.45 I was back home in Kristianstad, not bad. I have now been to 11/12 grounds in this league. The ground I am missing is the new ground in Holbæk but being a ground much easier to visit by car my visit has to wait until I can find a good combination with another match.




South Stand


South Stand


West End


West End




North Stand


East End


East End


Players and officials entering




South Stand


South Stand


​Brønshøj fans


View of play


View of play


North Stand


North Stand


Nice weather


View of play


View of play