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FBK Karlstad

Ground: Örsholmens Idrottsplats

Visits: 1

Date: 17th June 2023

Match: FBK Karlstad - Lidköpings FK  3-1  (Division 2 Norra Götaland)

Attendance: 168

The game at Örnäsvallen in Åmål finished around 14.50 and 62 minutes later I was at Örholmens IP in Karlstad for my second game of the day, FBK Karlstad v Lidköpings FK in Division 2 Norra Götaland. FBK Karlstad has mainly played in division 3 and 4 but at the end of last season they were promoted to division 2. The club was founded in 1971 when the football section became independent from the ice-hockey club Färjestads BK. The founder is actually Ulf Sterner, a well-known hockey player in Sweden.

As I left my car I realised it was to be a very warm afternoon in Karlstad. Once inside there was not much cover from the sun but in the roofed main stand you had some protection. The visitors from Lidköping scored early on and it was obvious there was a decent amount of away fans (most likely relatives!) among the 168 in attendance. FBK Karlstad equalised in the 38th minute though and at half-time it was 1-1. In the second half FBK Karlstad were the better team and they scored twice to win 3-1. After almost four hours in the car and having been to two games in the heat it was a nice feeling to check-in at my hotel in central Karlstad where I had a well deserved drink and something to eat.






South End


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View of play


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East Stand