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FSV Frankfurt

Ground: Frankfurter Volksbank Stadion (Stadion am Bornheimer Hang)

Visits: 1

Date: 7th August 2011

Match: FSV Frankfurt - Duisburg  0-0  (2. Bundesliga)

Attendance: 4 132


My 7-day trip was coming to an end but there was still one more ground for me to visit. FSV Frankfurt play at Frankfurter Volksbank Stadion (formerly Stadion am Bornheimer Hang) and with a 13.30 kick-off I still had plenty of time to catch the last flight back to Copenhagen. After checking out from my very nice hotel (Hotel Europa Style) I went to an internet café before making the relatively short trip to the Bornheim area of Frankfurt. First S-bahn and then U-bahn to the stadium. It took less than a minute to walk from the U-bahn station to the ground so no complaints there. Frankfurter Volksbank Stadion has a capacity of round 10 000. For most matches there are only around 3 000 so I already knew in advance this would be the match with the lowest attendance this week. There are no running tracks though and I have to say it is a small but nice ground to visit..


Both teams have had a poor start to the season, FSV Frankfurt had 1 point and Duisborg no points at all after two matches. Despite the poor start Duisburg had a decent away following in Frankfurt this Sunday afternoon. In total 5-600 away fans at the game, spread out in 3 stands. As usual in Germany the away fans gave their side a good vocal support. Apart from listening to the fans there wasn´t too much to enjoy. It was an awful match to watch, with very few chances. It finished 0-0 and that was a fair result, unfortunately. The only interesting thing in the second half was when my elderly German seat neighbours started to wonder what the flag "Tartan Army" meant. It was in the home section of the ground. In, my over the week ever improving, German I explained to them what the Tartan Army is and that the banner was the Scottish flag. They thanked me but seemed very surprised I knew this.


The attendance was 4 132 which as predicted was the lowest attendance of my trip. Nevertheless, a great and interesting 7-day tour came to an end. Next week I start working again, back to normal(?) life after (another) great summer of football.


frankfurter volksbank stadion

Frankfurter Volksbank Stadion


south stand

South Stand


main stand

Main Stand


north stand

North Stand


east stand

East Stand


south stand2

South Stand


fsv frankfurtfans2

FSV Frankfurt fans





main stand2

Main Stand



View of play


north stand2

North Stand



Duisburg fans


frankfurter volksbank stadion, vy

View of Frankfurter Volksbank Stadion


pano, frankfurter volksbank stadion1



pano, frankfurter volksbank stadion3