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Ground: Maxilandia Idrottsplats

Visits: 1

Date: 22nd May 2019

Match: Fjälkinge - Vanneberga  0-0  (Division 4 Skåne Östra)

Attendance: 350

Division 4 Skåne Östra is one of the three leagues administered by the local FA in Skåne, the most southern county of Sweden. Promoted teams end up in Division 3 (level 5) and normally I don't attend matches below Division 3. This year there are several clubs in Division 4 Skåne Östra from the Kristianstad area though and some of those derbies will attract good crowds. The most local derby of them all is Fjälkinge v Vanneberga and last year, when both clubs played in Division 5, the attendance was around 300 for both games. The first derby of 2019 was to be played on a Wednesday evening in May and with Maxilandia IP being less than 10 minutes from where I live it was a no-brainer to go to there for this match. Maxilandia was opened in 2010 and the ground was partly built by money from a local superstore. The old ground, Fjälkinge IP, was situated on the other side of the E22 motorway meaning a dangerous access for local youths. In the late 80s I actually attended a match at Fjälkinge IP but nowadays there is nothing left of the old ground.

It was a glorious day in southern Sweden, with temperatures reaching 25 degrees. As I left it was still quite warm but I still put my jumper in my rucksack. I was inside Maxilandia around 45 minutes before kick-off but the weather was by now changing. As kick-off approached there was a long queue to enter and in total around 400 locals turned up for this derby. The sun was now behind clouds and the strong wind made it quite cold. The wind affected the match and the first half was a classic derby with plenty of yellow cards but the quality of the football was poor. At half-time I met up with a friend of mine. He played for Fjälkinge last year and was one of the leagues top scorers. He has now retired due to injury but with the home team struggling his services were definitely needed tonight. The second half was better than the first but despite a few decent chances it ended goalless. I plan to attend the reversed the fixture later on this season and hopefully that derby will be both warmer and more entertaining than this one.


A windy day




East Stand


View of Maxilandia


Queue at the entrance!






East side


East side


East Stand


East side


East Stand


South End


View of play


West side


West side


View of play


North End


View of Maxilandia