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Friska Viljor

Ground: Skyttis IP

Visits: 1

Date: 8th June 2024

Match: Friska Viljor - Piteå  2-1  (Ettan Norra)

Attendance: 347

Since completing Division 1 Norra for the first time in 2013 I have had to re-complete the league (more or less) every year. Last season Friska Viljor from Örnsköldsvik were promoted from Division 2 Norrland and I had to plan my first ever trip to Ångermanland, one of 25 “landskap” in Sweden. Flying up on Friday and going to a match in Sidensjö on Friday evening, my visit to Skyttis IP in Örnsköldsvik would actually be my 2nd match in Ångermanland. I slept late on Saturday and then went for a stroll along the Ume Älv river in central Umeå. After a short rest at my hotel Jocke picked me up at 13.00 and today Stefan joined us as we once again headed towards Örnsköldsvik. Upon arrival we parked in the harbour area and I had a look at the impressive ice-hockey area. Örnsköldsvik has produced some of Sweden's best ever ice-hockey players and football will never be the number one sport in this city. We had a late lunch at a cafe before heading to Skyttis IP, the home of Friska Viljor.

In the last 20 years Friska Viljor has played in division 2 (level 4) and division 3 but in 2004 the club actually played in Superettan. They lost their opening four games this season but have since improved and with a win today against bottom of the table Piteå, Friska Viljor would move out of the relegation zone. Despite the weather being really nice only 347 spectators showed up for this game. The only stand at Skyttis IP is on the east side meaning we had the sun directly opposite us. Friska Viljor took the lead in the 45th minute but Piteå deservedly equalised in the 70th minute. Piteå had most of the chances but with their 2nd shot on goal, in the 91st minute, Friska Viljor scored again to win this important battle 2-1.

Later on in the evening I said good-bye to Stefan and Jocke and at 13.15 on Sunday afternoon my flight departed Umeå Airport. My trip to northern Sweden meant I have now once again completed the top three divisions in Sweden. Although being a bit expensive I really enjoy my trips to the north of Sweden and hopefully I will be back in the north next summer.


Harbour, Örnsköldsvik




Ski jumping hill




North End


East Stand


South End


Skyttis IP


Players and officials entering




View of play


West side


View of play


East Stand


Nice weather


East Stand


East Stand


East Stand