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Ground: Stadio Luigi Ferraris

Visits: 1

Date: 1st November 2012

Match: Genoa - Fiorentina  0-1  (Serie A)

Attendance: 18 952


For Thursday it seemed we had to go down to level 5 (Serie D) to watch some football but when fixtures in Serie A were confirmed I, to my delight, noticed the match between Genoa and Fiorentina had been moved to Thursday evening. As I woke up in Alice Bel Colle the rain from the previous evening had disappeared and the weather was nothing but stunning. From the viewing tower opposite our hotel we could look at snowy Alps more than 200 km away and I even think Mont Blanc could be spotted. After breakfast and enjoying the views in Alice Bel Colle Andreas and I went to Alessandria to see whether it was possible to buy tickets for the match in Genoa in the Lottomatica shop there. In that case we could have gone to a Serie D match in Voghera in the afternoon as well. The first day of November was a public holiday in Italy so most shops were closed. The Lottomatica shop was also closed and we decided to skip the Voghera match and started to drive towards Genoa. On the way we stopped at a supermarket and once there it was obvious we were in a country that enjoys good food and wine. The wine selection was impressive and the cheese department was so impressive even I couldn´t help looking (and smelling) at all the different cheeses on offer. We then drove onto the motorway and being the old motorway from Milan to Genoa it was a different motorway to what I am used to. Plenty of sharp curves and tunnels in an interesting mix. Around 3pm we arrived in Genoa and we immediately went to Stadio Luigi Ferraris to buy our tickets. Tickets were on sale from a ticket booth in a street opposite the ground and we had no problems buying two tickets for tier 2 of the East Stand.


Stadio Luigi Ferraris is the home of both Sampdoria and Genoa. It was opened in 1911 but has of course been renovated several times since then. When Italy were awarded the 1990 World Cup the ground was completely rebuilt and is now one of the better stadiums in Italy. The ground is made up of four different stands and nowdays the capacity is 36 000. Sweden played two matches in the 1990 World Cup at this ground and the last match is still regarded as one of the all-time lows for the Swedish national team. We "only" needed to beat Costa Rica to advance to the last 16 but lost 2-1 and Hernan Medford still is widely remembered in my country for scoring the winning goal back then. The current Genoa team has two Swedish players in their squad and hopefully they will have better memories of the city of Genoa. After taking some exterior pictures of the ground we went down to Porto Antico (Old harbour) and on the way we had a very good view of Genoa harbour. This is one of the biggest and most important harbours in the Mediterranean. We went to the Aquarium but thought it was too expensive and went on a mini-tour of the old city instead. After a while we went to a restaurant for some food. Considering what would happen the following night this was not the best of choices. (More of this in the report for the Murata - La Fiorita match.)


Our seats were in tier 2 of the East Stand and being close to the Genoa End we were entertained with plenty of songs from the home supporters. Fiorentina brought around 1 500 fans for the match and they were quite vocal for most parts of the 90 minutes. Genoa didn´t create many chances and simple didn´t look good enough going forward. Fiorentina were clearly the better team but only managed to score once and won the match by 1-0. Fiorentina could have scored more goals but I guess the team were happy with the three points anyway. On the way back to Alice Bel Colle we used the new motorway from Genoa to Milan and considering the number of tunnels and bridges it must have cost a fortune. We were back shortly after mid-night and tomorrow we go to San Marino for the last match of this tour.



Crystal clear view of the snowy Alps (around 200 km away!)


piazza spinola

Piazza Spinola


old city

Old city



stadio luigi ferraris

Stadio Luigi Ferraris


stadio luigi ferraris2

Stadio Luigi Ferraris at night


north stand, rear

Rear of the North Stand


south stand

South Stand


west stand1

West Stand


north stand1

North Stand


east stand

East Stand



Genoa fans


south stand4

South Stand


stadio luigi ferraris, vy3

View of  Stadio Luigi Ferraris



Fiorentina fans





west stand2

West Stand



My view


north stand3

North Stand


fossa grifoni




Genoa fans


pano, stadio luigi ferraris1



pano, stadio luigi ferraris6



pano, stadio luigi ferraris7