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Ground: Ryttarvallen

Visits: 1

Date: 19th August 2023

Match: Gislaveds IS - Högaborgs BK  2-1  (Division 3 Sydvästra Götaland)

Attendance: 120

Having already re-completed Division 3 Södra- and Sydöstra Götaland this year I decided to complete Division 3 Sydvästra Götaland as well. My only remaining ground was Ryttarvallen in Gislaved and knowing there was a really nice wooden main stand I had every reason to look forward to my first ever visit to Gislaved. From Kristianstad it is around 2h 20 min by car to Gislaved and at 12.30 I parked my car outside Ryttarvallen. The plan was to visit the ground, take pictures of the stand and then head to Gisle IP. Kick-off at Ryttarvallen was at 14.00 and two hours later Bosna would host Norrahammar at Gisle IP. It was 7 minutes of driving between the two grounds but knowing I would arrive only a few minutes prior to kick-off I wanted to do some research about where to park etc. Once the research had been done I had lunch in the city centre before making it back to Ryttarvallen.

Ryttarvallen was inaugurated in 1930 and on the west side of the ground there is a very nice wooden stand. There are a few benches on the far side as well but a lot of home fans preferred to stand next to the main stand. Prior to today's game Gislaveds IS were mid-table and were actually five points from both a promotion and a relegation play-off spot. In a tight table today´s visitors, Högaborgs BK, were 3rd so important points were at stake. Högaborg is the club where Henrik Larsson started his career btw. Anyway, it was Gislaved who started the better team and in the 28th minute they went 1-0 up. Högaborg equalised shortly before half-time but in the first minute of the 2nd half Gislaved scored a cracking goal to go 2-1 up. In the last 10-15 minutes it was all Högaborg and they threw the kitchen sink at the Gislaved defence but as the final whistle was blown it was still 2-1 on the score-board. I hurried to my car and with three minutes to spare until kick-off I made it to Gisle IP!




Welcome to Ryttarvallen


West Stand


West Stand


A closer look at the lovely West Stand



South-End.JPGSouth End


Players and officials entering




East Stand


East Stand


View of play


North End


Gislaved fans


West Stand


West Stand


West Stand


West Stand