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Ground: Örevångs Idrottsplats

Visits: 1

Date: 20th May 2017

Match: Glumslövs FF - Laholms FK  1-1  (Division 3 Sydvästra Götaland)

Attendance: 120

Glumslöv (pop. 2 000) is situated between Landskrona and Helsingborg on the west coast of Skåne. Last year the local football club, Glumslövs FF, finished second in the promotion play-offs to Division 3. When HIF Akademi withdrew from Division 2 Varbergs GIF were promoted to Division 2 and Glumlövs FF were offered the vacant spot in Division 3 Sydvästra Götaland. Wanting to visit every ground in the top five divisions in Skåne and Blekinge (not many left!) I looked at possible fixtures and in the end I decided to visit Örevångs Idrottsplats for Glumslövs FF v Laholms FK. In Kristianstad, in eastern Skåne, the weather this Saturday afternoon was very nice with 27 °C and a clear sky. Kick-off was at 16.00 and an hour or so before kick-off I parked my car outside Örevångs IP. As I arrived in Glumslöv it was cloudy, windy and only 16 °C, quite a difference! The main football pitch at Örevångs IP has natural grass and only one small stand, in the west side. No running tracks though and for this level it is a decent ground. Next to clubhouse there is an indoor arena and having played table tennis in Glumslöv many years ago that must have been where we played back then. Anyway, 40 minutes or so before kick-off Magnus and Christian showed up as well. They had been to Kvarnby v Vimmerby earlier in the day so two games for them today.

Last year Laholms FK played in Division 2 and at the moment the club is mid-table in Division 3. Laholm brought a decent number of fans to Glumslöv for this game. In the first half Laholm were the better team and in the 38th minute they deservedly took the lead, much to the delight of the visiting fans At half-time the clouds began to disappear and for most of the second half the weather was quite nice. The home fans were warmed not only by the sun but also by a much improved performance by the home side. Glumslöv equalized in the 50th minute and twice hit the woodwork in the second half. Both teams had their chances to score the winning goal and this turned out to be an entertaining afternoon at Örevångs IP. No more goals though and the game finished 1-1. On my way back home I had a glorious view of Öresund and Ven and I stopped to take a few pictures. I was back home around 19.30 and all in all a good day out.


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View of Öresund, the island of Ven and Denmark!