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Ground: Greve Stadion

Visits: 1

Date: 28th April 2018

Match: Greve - Brønshøj  2-2  (2. Division, relegation round)

Attendance: 190

When it comes to Denmark my long-term ambition is to visit every ground in the top two divisions as well as the grounds in 2. Division (level 3) east of Store Bælt. In order to reach Copenhagen I only have 150 km or so to drive but with the Öresund bridge being an expensive toll bridge I don´t want to pass the Store Bælt bridge (also a toll bridge) unless I can go to 3 or 4 games. That means I still have seven grounds in the top two divisions on Jylland still waiting for my visit. Greve Stadion, the home of Greve Fodbold in 2. Division, was one of my missing grounds in the Copenhagen area. Normally Greve have very poor crowds but knowing Brønshøj have, for this level, a good away support I decided to visit Greve Stadion the last Saturday in April. Being only a kilometer or so from the motorway the drive to Greve Stadion was pretty straightforward and the drive only took me 1h 45 minutes. Very nice weather as I crossed the Öresund and upon arrival there were plenty of free parking spots to choose from. With the winter being longer than usual today´s game was actually the first one this year being played at Greve Stadion. The nearby artificial pitch had been used for the home games in March and April.

Greve Stadion is a basic ground with running tracks and only one stand, on the north side of the ground. As I walked inside I spoke to a steward and he asked me “Why have you come from Sweden for this game?” I replied “That is actually a very good question” and we then both laughed. I was hoping for 250 or so to show up but the official attendance was later given as 190. Nice weather though and on the pitch it was Greve who were the better team in the first half, 1-0 at half-time. This game was in the relegation round of 2. Division. The second half of the season 12 teams play in the promotion round and 12 teams play in the relegation round. Four teams are being relegated and both Greve and Brønshøj are in real danger of being relegated. The second half of this game was very entertaining. Brønshøj scored twice within ten minutes to make it 1-2 and some of their fans celebrated by pulling their pants down. Greve equalized though and this game eventually ended 2-2. Greve just above the relegation zone but Brønshøj have to improve. For the sake of their loyal supporters I hope they can avoid the drop.


Greve Idræts Center, information


Greve Stadion, entrance


North Stand


North Stand


East End


East End


South side


West End


Fans preparing for kick-off




North Stand


​Brønshøj fans


​Brønshøj fans


​Brønshøj fans


Hvepsene support (Hvepsene is Danish for Hornets)


View from the stand


View of play


View from the stand


View of play


Bar area


Pants down (after Brønshøj equalised to 1-1)