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HB Køge

Ground: Capelli Sport Stadion (Køge Idrœtspark)

Visits: 1

Date: 26th July 2020

Match: HB Køge  - Nœstved  2-2  (1. Division)

Attendance: 400

With the infection rate in Skåne still being below 20 per 100,000 inhabitants the Öresund bridge (and thereby the border to Denmark) continues to be open for me. Going through my options for July a few weeks ago I targeted two matches with the second of those being HB Køge v Næstved. This fixture was in the last round of the 2019/20 season and despite neither team having something to play for I was still very much looking forward to my visit. Kick-off was at 16.00 and shortly after noon I set off from Kristianstad. It is around 1h 45 minutes by car from Kristianstad to Køge but I had no idea how much time I had to spend at the border control. Two weeks ago there was hardly any waiting time but today it was a long queue and I had to wait for around 45 minutes until reaching the artificial island of Peberholm where the Danes have set up the temporary border control. Passport and Proof of residence card meant I could continue towards Køge. I was outside the ground 14.45 and found a parking spot without any problems.

HB Køge was founded in 2009 through a merger of Herfølge Boldklub and Køge Boldklub. In 2011 I visited HB Køge v Silkeborg in Superligaen and that match was played at Herfølge Stadion. A year ago HB Køge decided to move away from Herfølge and the club is now playing their home games at Køge Idrætspark. I am not sure why the club has decided to move but I guess with Køge being a bigger town it will be easier finding sponsors etc. Anyway, the move means a new ground for me to visit and as I parked my car I could notice the renovation works at Køge Idrætspark are ongoing and as I understand these will be completed next year. The ground has a main stand with 1,026 seats and there are also two temporary stands inside the ground and in total there are 1,500 seats at Køge Idrætspark. Current restrictions in Denmark mean the capacity is limited to 500 but that number includes players and officials. HB Køge had given me an accreditation meaning my name was included in the list of those allowed to enter today. In the main stand every other seat was blocked and there were also signs in the concourses showing where to walk.

With nothing at stake the two teams played out and it was an eventful and entertaining game. The visitors from Næstved will be relegated but shortly before half-time they made it 0-1. In the second half a great counter attack meant 0-2 on the scoreboard. Næstved then scored a stunning own goal and in stoppage time HB Køge managed to equalize. 2-2 at Køge Idrætspark this afternoon and with this being my 600th ground visit I was pleased it turned out to be such an entertaining game. In Sweden football is still being played behind closed doors but I am hopeful it will be possible for me to go back to Denmark in late August when the new football season gets under way. When next season starts I will have 12/12 in Superligaen, 8/12 in 1. Division and 16/28 in 2. Division. With teams in 2. Division being divided into two groups (east and west) I know I will have at least 12/14 in the eastern group. My targets for next season will of course be to complete the eastern group and hopefully add a few of my missing 1. Division grounds as well. Those grounds are on Jylland though meaning a long drive and having to pass the second toll bridge at Store Bælt.




Building site


Building site!


Fans eager to enter


West Stand


Player´s tunnel


North End


North End (away stand)


East side


East Stand


South End


​ HB Køge entering the field






HB Køge fans


View of play


Fans drinking beer




West Stand


West Stand


View of play


View of play