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Ground: The Shay Stadium

Visits: 1

Date: 1st January 2020

Match: Halifax - Stockport  0-0  (National League)

Attendance: 3 460

The last match on my trip was to be on New Year´s Day but unfortunately both Salford and Leyton Orient, my remaining 92 grounds, were away from home. Going through my options I decided to visit The Shay for Halifax v Stockport. I was staying the last two nights at an airport hotel in Manchester and from there I went by train, via Piccadilly, to Manchester Victoria where I changed to a train bring me to Halifax. I have been to Manchester many times but didn´t know it was possible to go by train from Piccadilly to Victoria. Surely that must be a newly opened route? It almost took as long as when I have walked it in the past though! Once in Halifax I made the short (10 minutes) walk to The Shay where I took a few exterior pictures. The Shay is also used by the local rugby club and for this level it is a very nice football ground. The East Stand has almost 5,000 seats and the end stands are similar looking terraces each having a capacity of 2,600. The Skircoat Stand is an all-seated stand on the west side but as I understand that stand is not in use at the moment. The Three Pigeons was a pub I walked past on my way to the ground and after taking the exterior pictures I went to the pub. The pub is a traditional English pub and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit. At 13.45 I was back at The Shay where I once again met up with my friend Andreas. It was cash turnstiles only at Halifax but when I asked the guys at the VIP-entrance I was told I could enter there and pay for a complimentary ticket. £20 was a bit steep for being in the National League but that was the price for a seat in the main stand.

Stockport brought 1,500 fans to Halifax today and that meant parts of the North Stand was opened as well. Normally the visitors only get two blocks in the East Stand. 2,000 home fans turned up as well meaning a total of 3,500 at The Shay this afternoon. That was by far the best attendance of the season but those of us present had to watch quite a poor game of football. It was 0-0 at half-time but after queuing for far too long I at least managed to get something to eat and drink. The second half was slightly better and towards the end Halifax actually had a few chances to score. In the 88th minute they headed off the post but that was it at The Shay this afternoon. In 2019 I attended 52 matches and only one of those ended goalless. Hopefully I have now filled my quota of goalless matches in 2020! Afterwards I said goodbye to Andreas before making it back to my hotel. My 45th trip to England was coming to an end but I will be back!


Welcome to Halifax


Halifax Minster


Peace Hall


The Three Pigeons, a traditional English pub




Rear of the East Stand


Rear of the East Stand


VIP entrance


Entrance to the North Stand


Entrance to the Skircoat Stand


View of The Shay


South Stand






Skircoat Stand


North Stand


East Stand


Players and officials entering


South Stand


View of play


View of play


Stockport fans (they also had parts of the East Stand)