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Heleneholms SK

Ground: Heleneholms IP B-plan

Visits: 1

Date: 20th April 2024

Match: Heleneholms SK - Bunkeflo FF  2-5  (Division 4 Skåne Sydvästra)

Attendance: 50

The main reason for going to Malmö today was the chance to visit my two remaining grounds in Division 4 Skåne Sydvästra. Having been to Kosova v Croatia (Ellenborgs IP) I hurried to my car and at 14.59 I parked my car at Heleneholms IP. In 2013 I visited the main ground/pitch at Heleneholms IP for Prespa Birlik v Nike in Division 2 but since then Prespa Birlik has been dissolved and nowadays IFK Malmö play at the main ground. Heleneholms SK, as well as Saba/Palestina (division 5), play at the other grass pitch which is officially called Heleneholms IP B-plan. As I parked for my parking I could hear and see as the referee blew his whistle to start the game and a minute later I was by the entrance. I had just about paid as the visitors, Bunkeflo FF, scored the first goal. A few minutes later Gijs and Micheil arrived, they cycling Dutch groundhoppers had been to Rosengård in Division 1 prior to this one. The total attendance was around 50 and we were actually watching quite an entertaining game which was 1-2 at half-time. In the 2nd half Bunkeflo FF scored three goals to make it 1-5 and at full-time it was 2-5.

Being situated right next to the impressive Heleneholmsverket (power station) , a visit to Helenholms IP is always a bit special. For me this visit was extra special and for the first time I have now completed the southwestern Division 4 league in Skåne. In the other two leagues I am missing one ground each but those grounds will of course be visited later on this season. My day in Malmö was coming to an end but Gijs and Michiel continued to Eleda Stadion where they completed their treble with Malmö FF v Västerås SK.


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East side


East side


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South End


West side


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West side


West side


North End