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Helsingfors IFK

Ground: Töölön Pallokenttä (Tölö Bollplan)

Visits: 1

Date: 19th June 2010

Match: Helsingfors IFK - City Stars  2-2  (Kakkonen, Lohko A)

Attendance: 218


The only game in Veikkausliiga on Saturday was in Oulu (UIeåborg) in the north of Finland but since I didn´t fancy such a long trip after all my travelling on Friday I headed back to Helsinki (Helsingfors) for a match in Kakkonen instead. The match, between Helsingfors IFK and City Stars, was to be played at Töölön Pallonkenttä (Tölö Bollplan). This ground is next to the old Olympic Stadium AND Finnair Stadium. Finnair Stadium is the home of HJK Helsinki. As you can see in one of the pictures below it is possible to stand inside one ground and see a match in another. The aerial picture was taken from the viewing tower connected to the Olympic Stadium.

HIFK, as the home club in today´s match is known, has won the Finnish league title 7 times. The latest championship win was in 1961 though. Apart from football Helsingfors IFK also have teams in bandy, ice-hockey and handball. They are all playing in the top division. As I was sitting in the only stand at Tölö Bollplan I suddenly heard a voice asking me if I was a German groundhopper. It was Lukas from Ludwigshafen who thought I looked like a groundhopper. We then spent the game discussing football in general and groundhopping in particular. He knew about my website and we agreed groundhopping is a good way getting to know new faces. Unusual for this level Helsingfors IFK have a vocal and loud fan group (Stadin Kingit) and they gave the home side a good support during (and after!) the game. As HIFK equalised to 2-2 in stoppage time they had every reason to be happy as they left the ground. I was actually quite happy myself as I walked back in the rain to Tölö tram station, four goals and a new friend was the result of today´s game.


After being promoted to Veikkausliiga Helsingfors IFK are nowadays playing at Sonera Stadium


3 stadiums

3 grounds in 1 shot, Tölö Bollplan is bottom left


tölö bollplan, view

View of Tölö Bollplan


east stand

East Stand


east stand2

East Stand


south end

South End



View of play






West side of the ground


north end

North End


stadin kingit

Stadin Kingit


pano, tölö bollplan