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Hörby FF

Ground: Hörby Idrottsplats

Visits: 1

Date: 27th April 2017

Match: Hörby FF - Eslövs BK  1-1  (Division 3 Södra Götaland)

Attendance: 400

Hörby FF was founded in December 1968 after a merger between Hörby BoIF and IFK Hörby. The city of Hörby has a population of 7 000 but until last year the local football club had never played above Division 4 (level 6) in Sweden. Last year the club was, as the best runner-up in three Division 4-leagues in Skåne, promoted to Division 3 though. Hörby is only 40 minutes by car for me and being next to the E22 motorway I have driven past the city many times. My father actually worked in Hörby for 34 years so it is a place I know reasonably well. The fixture I was looking out for was the derby against Eslövs BK (alse newly promoted) and as early as round 3 the biggest game of the season at Hörby IP in 2017 would take place. The game was moved to Thursday evening and the kick-off time was 18.45. I was outside the ground 45 minutes before kick-off and having no idea would the ground would look like I went inside to take a few pictures. There is only one stand, in the west side of the ground, at Hörby IP and the ground has (five) running tracks. The pitch is a natural grass one though and for a club like Hörby FF I guess this ground suits their needs. The pitch was not in an excellent condition but this early in the season that is to be expected. It was cloudy with occasional sunshine this Thursday evening and I was pleased I made the decision to bring my winter coat. At times it was quite cold but in the seated stand at least I was protected from the wind. I was hoping for an attendance of around 500 but the attendance for this derby in central Skåne was "only" around 400, still a very good attendance for level 5 football in Sweden.

The quality of the football was not the best but in the 12th minute Eslöv managed to score, 0-1. Three minutes from the half-time break Hörby were rewarded a penalty kick (scored!) and after 45 minutes the score-board at Hörby IP showed 1-1. In the second half Eslövs were the slightly better team and in the 57th they had the chance to take the lead from the penalty spot. The penalty was missed though and with few chances in the remaining 30 minutes it was no surprise the game ended 1-1. Not the best of matches but I was still pleased to have been at Hörby IP for this derby. Due to promotion/relegation I have five grounds to visit in 2017 to re-complete Division 3 Södra Götaland but I am in no hurry as I need some easy grounds to visit in August and September! I was back home at 21.15 but already on Saturday it is time for another derby. Division 3 Sydöstra Götaland offers the Ronneby derby and hopefully the weather will be ok.


Hörby IP, entrance


West side


West Stand


West Stand


West Stand


North End


East side




South End




Players and officials






West side


West side


West Stand


West Stand


View of play


Penalty, 1-1


View of play