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Ground: CASA Arena

Visits: 1

Date: 19th September 2010

Match: Horsens - Esbjerg  0-3  (Superligaen)

Attendance: 3 839


Last match on this trip was to be in Horsens, situated some 45 km south of Aarhus where I stayed the night. AC Horsens was founded in 1994 as a merger of three local clubs. After playing four season in Superligaen the club was relegated to 1. Division in 2009 but the club only stayed in that division for a year, being promoted back to Superligaen as champions of the second tier of Danish football. They have had a decent start to this season and were mid-table before this match. I arrived at CASA Arena 90 minutes prior to kick-off and bought a ticket for the North Stand. CASA Arena nowdays has a capacity of 10 400 (7 500 seats) and is a nice ground to visit. The spectacular flood-lights are almost alone worth making the trip to Horsens. As the game started Esbjerg were by far the best team and after a nice own-goal by a Horsens player the visitors went 1-0 up. It was 2-0 by half-time and since Esbjerg were in a relegation spot before the game this was not was I had expected. In the second half Esbjerg scord again to win the game 3-0. If Horsens are to avoid being relegated back to 1. Divisionen they certainly have to improve their defending. I was not complaining though. 14 goals in three matches made this trip one to remember.


casa arena

CASA Arena


east stand, rear

Rear of the East Stand



Horsens fans


east stand

East Stand


south stand

South Stand


west stand

West Stand


north stand

North Stand



Horsens fans


east stand2

East Stand



View of play





south stand2

South Stand



Esbjerg fans


north stand2

North Stand


pano, casa arena2



pano, casa arena4