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Ground: Galpharm Stadium

Visits: 1

Date: 6th April 2010

Match: Huddersfield - Oldham  2-0  (CC League 1)

Attendance: 14 561


After three nights in Newcastle it was time for me to travel back to Manchester. Once I had found my hotel I went down to Chinatown to have something to eat. In Chinatown I also found an Internet cafe, five days without being on the web is not something that happens too often nowdays. Anyway, my 6th and final game on this trip was the Roses´s derby, Huddersfield vs Oldham. War of the Roses refers to battles many hundred years ago between the red rose (Lancashire) and the white rose (Yorksire). The big Roses' derby is Manchester U vs Leeds but Huddersfield vs Oldham is still an interesting derby to look forward to.


Huddersfield, currently in the last play-off spot, play at Galpharm Stadium. Galpharm Stadium (formerly McAlpine Stadium) was opened in 1994 and has a capacity of 24 000. It is also the home of Rugby League club Huddersfield Giants. When the reversed fixture was played earlier in the season 3 000 Huddersfield fans travelled to Boundary Park but for some reason unknown to me only 568 Oldhan fans turned up for this game. The home fans turned up in big numbers for this derby though and 14 500 is a respectable crowd for a third division game. When the match started Oldham looked the better team and had some early chances but failed to score. Huddersfield didn´t create much but thanks to a late goal they went 1-0 up shortly before the break. The second half as awful to watch, the home fans next to me were not happy with what they were watching (and neither was I). There was a late goal in this half as well though and Huddersfield won by 2-0. This was the worst game of my trip but at least there was two goals to cheer me up. As I waited for my train back to Manchester I heard a lot of German being spoken. The accent sounded like a Bavaria one and they were most likely Bayen München fans who had travelled a day early to Manchester. Their upcoming Champions League quarter-final against Manchester U will probaly be a much better game compared to the one they had seen in Huddersfield....


galpharm stadium

Galpharm Stadium


galpharm stadium2

Galpharm Stadium


pinklink stand

Pink Link Stand


directgolf stand

Direct Golf Stand


fantasticmedia stand

Fantastic Media Stand


pinklink stand2

Pink Link Stand




View of play





directgolf stand2

Direct Golf Stand


fantasticmedia stand2

Fantastic Media Stand


galpharm stadium, view

View of Galpharm Stadium